SmartScore Pro 64 Edition

Finale to SmartScore 64 Pro Edition (DVD)

$399.00 $199.00

Shipping of DVDs will begin the 3rd week of August. In the meantime, if you order SmartScore 64 to be shipped, we will automatically set you up for downloading within 48 hours of your purchase. Thank you.

SmartScore Pro 64 Edition (DVD)

No limitations. Saves to MusicXML for importing into Finale, Sibelius, etc.

If you wish to download, write "Don't ship. Set me up for downloading".

To ship AND download, add this item to cart then back-page and add "Download Option".

NOTE: You will need to enter your Finale serial number in the Comments field to complete this order.

System Requirements:


- 64-bit / Win 10 +

- Legacy system: Win XP PC or later

- Legacy platform: / Pentium I

- 4 GB RAM / 500 MB Disk Space

- - - - - - - - -


- 64-bit / Apple Catalina +

- Legacy system: OS 10.13 (High Sierra)

- Legacy platform: Intel-based (single core) Mac

- 4 GB RAM / 500 MB Disk Space

Online help system available from HELP menu.

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