Can your phone or tablet really read music? Yup. There’s an app for that.

Available on iTunes & Google Play Now. And it's free !


Capture multiple pages of a musical score and play it back through your device. Just click and play !

Step up to NoteReader Premier (in-app upgrade – Just $9.99) and send your recognized music files to any e-mail address or to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Enhance and share the experience: Download and install our SmartScore Player. It's absolutely free. The free Player displays music from NoteReader in standard notation and plays it back through your computer. Create Karaoke jams with moving ball & lyrics. Select a preset drum track from a library of beats; or add your own. Send SmartScore files to your friends and colleagues. They can use the Player too !

Get Serious: NoteReader Premier lets you retrieve captured music as MIDI (.mid) and MusicXML (.xml) files. Open and edit recognized files in Finale®, Sibelius® or any other music notation program that supports MusicXML format. Open your MIDI files in Garage Band®, Acid®, Cubase® and start laying down your own tracks.

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Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play NOW !