Guitar Edition

The perfect tool for guitarists and other soloists.

The perfect tool for guitarists and other soloists. Scan multiple pages of guitar sheet music. Watch as it reconstructs onscreen in seconds, ready for playback and editing. Highly accurate recognition of contrapuntal voices make Guitar Edition a powerful and useful tool for any classical guitarist. Assign a unique instrument sound to each voice; Standup Bass to the thumb, Nylon Guitar for the middle finger and Harpsichord for the melody line. Mute or solo any contrapuntal voice to reveal inner voicings. Practice along at slow speeds without affecting pitch. Reads single-line TAB scores. Converts solo guitar scores from notation to TAB or from TAB to notation.

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Limits: 1 staff / no text or lyrics.
Scan scores directly or process PDF files from the internet.

Intelligent features. No degree required.

Process both notation and TAB scores

Guitar tablature recognition and conversion is included! Scan and recognize solo guitar scores. Convert standard notation to TAB. Full-featured editing in both environments. NOTE: Guitar Edition reads only single line scores. Only the Pro and Songbook editions can process scores containing combined notation and TAB staff lines.

Convert notation to TAB.
Convert TAB to notation.

Process single-line tablature scores and instantly convert to standard notation. Our powerful TAB editor easily corrects mis-read fingering and note pitches. Intelligent display reduces rhythmic ambiguity: Contrapuntal voices automatically highlight in color. Note values automatically link to fret fingerings.

Playback Properties Tool

Change playback properties of tempo, dynamic and articulation markings, legatos, trills and other symbols. Apply changes to a single object or to all similar objects throughout the score. Store your own customized changes as new playback defaults for future SmartScore projects.

Contrapuntal Intelligence

SmartScore 64 automatically differentiates up to 4 contrapuntal voices per staff. For classical guitarists, that means p, i, m and a voice lines stand out in color and even more importantly, play independently and can be assigned different instrument sounds!

Simple formatting, flexible output.

Page Formatting and Setup

Reformat scores simply and easily. Change page orientation, margins, staff widths, distances and layout easily with engraver-quality output to PDF or paper print.

Input / Output Options

Transpose and print directly from SmartScore. Save as MIDI or MusicXML and open your scores in Finale, MuseScore, Sibelius or any other notation program supporting MusicXML. You can even convert playback to MP3 files!

Direct Scanning

Transpose & Print

Export to MusicXML

Save to MP3 & MIDI

System Requirements

Windows XP or later (Windows 10 compatible)

macOS 10.13 or later (Catalina compatible)