64-bit. Fresh design. 30 years of engineering. Improved recognition. Same innovation.

The Beat Goes On.

After 30 years, we’re as obsessed with design, innovation and utility as ever. We've never stopped thinking about how to make SmartScore better. It's taken a few years to get here. But with enormous pride and satisfaction, we are now offering SmartScore 64 to our worldwide customer base, some who have been with us since 1991. And a big welcome those who may soon join the family. From all of us at Musitek... Thank you!

We've worked hard over the last few years to bring you SmartScore 64. We encourage you to take it out for a spin.

Upgrade for as little as $49!

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A redesigned interface that's easier to navigate

SmartScore has always had many powerful tools in its toolbox. They're still there, just easier to get to. Toolbars and buttons are neatly organized by function. A new Symbols Selector pop-up keeps everything tidy and neatly at hand. It's like a kitchen designed by Gordon Ramsay.

More powerful OCR

Lyrics and text are now recognized with 99+% accuracy. Our Prodigy Engine®, with machine intelligence technology, keeps getting smarter and will continue to do so as we release free maintenance updates in the future.

Improved playback. More nuance. Better sounds with audio plug-in support.

Hook into your favorite Audio Unit / VST audio plug-in, workstation or digital soundfont set.  It's critical that playback be accurate and respond well to performance markings in the score. New SmartScore 64 algorithms respond better to dynamics and articulations bringing more nuance and lifelike to the performance.

Export your finished scores

Export your SmartScore playback performances easily to video, YouTube, Facebook, digital workstation or digital song library by converting directly to MP3 audio files.

Save to MusicXML and open in one of hundreds of music notation applications on your desktop or online. Print or save your transposed scores to PDF files.

SmartScore 64 Improvements

(Since SmartScore X2)
  • 64-bit. Runs under macOS Catalina.
  • Full support for Audio Units (Mac) and VST (Win) plug-ins & digital soundfonts.  
  • New, streamlined interface.
  • Improved recognition of Lyrics, Text, tempo and dynamic markings.
  • Improved recognition of tuplets.
  • Improved quality and control for page printing and PDF output.
  • More nuanced and realistic playback with fluidsynth engine.
  • Export playback to MP3.
  • Better control of dynamics and tempo.
  • "Rubato" graphical controller for subtle tempo changes.
  • Recognizes larger scores (up to 100+ pages per session).
  • Smoother handling of larger file sizes.
  • Better error trapping.
  • Grace note functions improved. Added ornaments.
  • Bug Fixes

  • Full scanning control returned to Mac.
  • Mouse glyphs returned to Mac.
  • Printing and PDF output: Page size and margin settings properly applied.
  • Improved responsiveness and stability.
  • Click here to review the SmartScore 64 changelog history.

System Requirements

Windows XP or later (Windows 10 compatible)

macOS 10.13 or later (Catalina compatible)