SmartScore 64 Demos

Demos are fully functioning copies of SmartScore 64 editions (including PDF file recognition).

Demo Limitations: Scanned files cannot be saved or printed.

Keyboard Shortcuts: Quick-Key editing map for Windows or for Macintosh keyboards.

SmartScore User Guide:  Access the User Guide PDF from the “HELP” menu inside the application.

System Requirements

Windows XP or later (Windows 11 compatible)

macOS 10.15 or later (Monterey compatible)

SmartScore 64
Professional Edition

Recognize, playback and manage complete band arrangements, operas, instrumental parts; even conductors’ scores!

SmartScore 64
Songbook Edition

Identical to the Pro Edition, just limited to a maximum of 3 staves per system (vocal / piano arrangements). Includes recognition of PDF files, lyrics and chord symbols.

SmartScore 64
Piano Edition

Turn your scanner into a player piano! Listen to and practice along to piano scores and solo parts at different tempos. Transpose by key or by clef and print out in minutes.

SmartScore 64
Guitar Edition

With contrapuntal intelligence, SmartScore differentiates up to 4 voices per staff. Apply a unique sound to each voice line. Guitar Edition is a soloists dream.

SmartScore 64
MIDI Edition

Scan & Play. Turn sheet music and PDF files into playable MIDI files for just $49! Limitations: Outputs to MIDI only. No chord symbol, guitar fretboard, text or lyric recognition.


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