SmartScore Reviews

Here's what the reviewers are saying...

"SmartScore 64 has a very high accuracy of my testing I found SmartScore lives up to its claims of 99%+ accuracy. "

– John Hinchey; Scoring Notes (A Review of Optical Music Recognition Software)

"There's no more effective musical OCR/editor on the market."

– PC World

"SmartScore works miracles."

– Keyboard Magazine

"SmartScore's ability to recognize printed music is nothing short of amazing."

– Electronic Musician

"SmartScore is indispensable if you work with sheet music."

– MacAddict Magazine

Here's what our customers are saying...

Your new release, SmartScore 64 Pro, is indeed almost perfect: very few mistakes in the score's acquisition, commands almost always functioning. I acquired a new, modern composition, "Sequenza” by L. Berio, and the results were really astonishing as for fidelity regarding the performance of a skilled flutist. 
- Nicola di Vito

"I commend you on an outstanding upgrade to the software. Many problems have been corrected and above all, in my first test, all note values were recreated with practically 100% accuracy!!! Everything worked as it should. I am involved as a musician and editor and have found SmartScore an invaluable tool. Thanks for a great job!"
- Ed Kloske

I have compared SmartScore 64 to Photoscore, that I know proficiently. SmartScore reads much better and catches more of the essences of the score (especially in tempo markings, octaves, and dynamics). I wanted to personally thank you for creating a wonderful product.
- Michael Gilligan

"SmartScore Pro is a fabulous product. I absolutely depend on it. If I didn’t have it, I would probably have to stop singing in my church’s choir which I would miss terribly."
- John McVey

"With what little music theory I have learned, your program SmartScore Pro is amazing. I’m thankful you folks do what you do. I figured I should tell you!"
- Glenn Millar

"Thank you for your excellent product...the results are truly inspiring. The program could read, reasonably accurately, what the human eye could not. I restored two very special anthems: "To the King" by Adam Geibel and "Transeamus" by Schnabel. Marvelous program it is indeed. Better than the competitor. It is worth every penny."
- Wycliffe Lewis

"I just got Smart Score Pro a few weeks ago. My first test was in a typical rush session. I quickly scanned 7 pages of a chorus octavio score. Then transposed it. It worked perfectly with no tweaking whatsoever. Then as a rehearsal recording I had it play the music. Again perfect. I had no spare time whatever for editorial decisions. Everything was printed in about 30 minutes including interruptions."
- Dan Bradley

"I am SO impressed with SmartScore. It helped me tremendously the first night that I had the program. The program is so intuitive that it took very little assistance from you help files to get the job done quickly and efficiently."
- Donald Brown

"Thank you for this excellent program. I use it now for more than a year. I have never had a better program. Keep up the good work. A very contented user."
- B. Chapchal

"With SmartScore, we were able to transpose a difficult piece of music the very first time we tried! We were elated! As we learned how to run the program, the second piece was done in a matter of minutes. What an outstanding product!"
- Doug Hakala

"I am surprised at the poor quality of some of the early sheet music. I am amazed at how well SmartScore handles it. It is an amazing work and I'm thankful for it."
- William Bowers

"SmartScore is the best scanning/editing software I have used, and I tried most of the alternatives before buying. It's very intuitive and works just the way I think it should."
- Steven Johnson

"I'm lovin' SMARTSCORE. I don't know how I lived without it. I need it all the time. I've got a long way to go controlling sizing and working kinks out, but SMARTSCORE is an essential for me. Thanks for an excellent product."
- Mary Beiriger

"Thanks for getting it back to me in absolutely no time. It'll be used in rehearsal in the morning. I'm telling ya, I've been saved by your dept. a dozen times since version 1 and always quickly. Dang, I wish you did commercials because I'd definitely do a free testimonial. Smartscore has been in my choir classroom since the beginning (a lifesaver, as my piano playing stinks) and I've used it for musicals, concerts, Alaska All State ( I've been making their rehearsal files since about 2000), etc., etc. With Smartscore I can whip out an error-free 8-10 page song in parts and have it online in about an hour and a half. Guess I owe you folks part of my paycheck. It's in the mail... really! Many, many thanks!"
- Bruce Hanson

"It worked flawlessly. Being a SmartScore Lite user for years, I was able to scan a tune and do some repairs. By the way, repairs are so much easier with the new UI. Love how I can choose the views. Shockingly easy to set up the playback, something I was never able to do in the Lite version. SmartScore X2 Pro also correctly followed the DS al Coda sign and repeats without intervention. While scanning, Smart Score analyzed what the DPI should be through a couple of iterations arriving at the ideal setting by itself. I could not be more pleased."
- Joel Pierson

"I am constantly amazed how accurately (SmartScore) recognizes scanned images. I really like the option where you can export as a Music XML File (.xml). I import this .xml file into Notation Composer 4.02. It reads in the Chords and Lyrics. When I export this file to the XG MIDI Format, it embeds the Yamaha XF Meta Chord Events into the output file turning this into an XF MIDI File. This XF MIDI File can drive any Yamaha Arranger Keyboard. The Styles follow the Chords in the XF MIDI File. I use SmartScore Pro to convert printed Sheet Music into a format that can be played back on the Yamaha Clavinova complete with Chord changes and Lyrics showing up on the display. It works like magic."
- David Das

"Just a huge thank you for making SmartScore 64 — it was literally the only major reason I was keeping my work Mac pre-Catalina.  My lab has been using SmartScore for years to quickly build databases of early music from printed scores to find unidentified quotations or citations across the repertory.
- Micahel Cuthbert, Professor of Music, MIT