About Musitek

Musitek Corporation develops and publishes music scanning and notation software. The company was founded in May 1991 by Christopher Newell of Ojai, California.

A two-year research effort lead to the development and release in August of 1993 of the world's first commercially available music-scanning software, MIDISCAN for Windows.

In 1995, Musitek focused on integrating its music-scanning technology with computer-based music scoring, engraving and MIDI sequencing. This effort lead to the release of SmartScore (for Windows and Macintosh) in 1996.

After more than 30 years in development, SmartScore has evolved to become an indispensable input, editing and scorewriting tool for musicians, transcibers, music educators and music ministers around the world. Musitek products are represented through a network of distributors and dealers worldwide.

Contact Information

Sales and Customer Service

Phone - 805-646-8051
E-mail - admin@musitek.com
Address - 227 S Montgomery St., Ojai, CA 93023

Tech Support

E-mail - tech@musitek.com
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