For owners of Finale, Sibelius, Photoscore, Encore, Logic, Harmony Assistant and/or Notion:
Musitek offers special SmartScore 64 discount to owners of programs listed above. Write your serial number in the "Comments" field of the checkout page. Serial numbers of competitive products will be verified before product can be shipped.

A Download Option is available if you wish to be setup for downloading as well having the DVD shipped to you.

If you want only to download SmartScore, include the following note with your current serial number:

"Don't ship. Just set me up for downloading."

SmartScore 64 Pro Competitive Upgrade
SmartScore 64
SmartScore 64 Pro Competitive Upgrade (DVD)

Ship SmartScore 64 Professional Edition DVD (Win/Mac)

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SmartScore 64
Download Option

NOTE: To qualify for this option, you must also order a full or upgrade version of SmartScore 64 or already be a registered owner of SmartScore 64. You will receive e-mail with instructions for downloading within one business day.


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