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The world's only fully-integrated music-scanning scorewriter.

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Scan, Score, Play, Edit. Like it's never been done before.

SmartScore 64 does more than scan and recognize sheet music and PDF files. It's also a world-class notation editor with flexible transposition features, nuanced playback, powerful page-formatting including print, MusicXML, MP3, MIDI and PDF output.  SmartScore 64 is an indispensable tool for any arranger, performer, music educator or church minister. Download the demo and discover its powers for yourself. Easy-to-follow illustrated user manual included.

We have special pricing for schools and churches, and for owners of Finale. Owners of Sibelius, Dorico and Photoscore, and other major notation / recognition apps, check out our cross-grade opportunities here.

Choose the edition that's right for you.

SmartScore 64 builds on 30 years of engineering experience and design. A new, streamlined 64-bit interface helps you accurately capture and edit printed scores; whether it's transcribing a symphony, distributing parts to your chorale, transposing hymns for your church service, creating automatic accompaniments for performance or just listening to your sheet music play back to you !

Not sure which SmartScore 64 edition is right for you? Visit our comparison page and find the answer!

Finale Users: You are eligible for special upgrade pricing

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One gadget to fit them all.

Whether you use Finale®, Sibelius®, Dorico®, Notion®, MuseScore®, Noteflight® or any one of over 220 desktop music programs and mobile apps that support the MusicXML format, there is only one desktop app that will recognize printed music and import it directly into your application of choice…

Music-to-XML takes printed music from PDFs, scanned files or images captured from your mobile device and converts those scores to the XML file format. If you own Finale, Sibelius or Dorico, your music will convert and automatically appear in your preferred application. Music-to-XML is easy to use, quick and astonishingly accurate.

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Free Desktop and Mobile Apps

Distribute SmartScore .ENF files to your choir, band members and students for learning and practice. They don't have to buy a thing.Grab a tune from a songbook with your phone's camera and hear it back. For free.

SmartScore Player

Start sharing your SmartScore files with colleagues and friends. It's free to anyone. They can open, control playback and even print SmartScore files even if they don't own it. How cool is that?

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SmartScore NoteReader

Capture multiple pages of a musical score and play it back through your device for free. NoteReader Premier (in-app upgrade) will send MIDI or XML files to any e-mail address, Dropbox or Google Drive location.

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SmartScore 64 Is Here, Now.

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Finale Users: You are eligible for special upgrade pricing

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