SmartScore Support Videos

Want to learn more about SmartScore in 3 to 4 minutes? Select a video from one of the general categories below. These brief videos cover most of the issues people ask about. There are even a few tips and tricks that will surprise and delight some of our pro users!


  • Scanning in Windows

    How to take advantage of WIA drivers.

  • Scanning in Macintosh

    When and how to use your scanner’s software if “Scan” fails to work.

  • Problems introduced during scanning

    Many recognition and printing problems start at the beginning. How to spot and fix dithering, light leaks, crooked pages and broken system brackets. Added bonus: Optimizing pages that print too small and working with with coda fragments.

Recognition and Editing

  • Creating separate contrapuntal voices from “hymnal” clusters

    Split two-note clusters into separate contrapuntal voices.

  • Transposition

    Learn how to transpose by key, by clef or by pitch.

  • Editing and exporting files

    Tips and tricks to make editing fast and easy. How to export to Finale or to other notation programs.

  • Extracting a part to a new document

    Isolate one or more parts without changing the original document.

  • Working with the chord editor

    Inserting, changing and editing chord symbols and guitar fret diagrams.

  • Creating a conductor’s score from a simple piano score

    Turn a simple piano score into a multi-part conductor’s score.

  • Converting notation to a tablature score

    How to turn a part written as notation into a TAB part.

  • Recognizing and editing tablature scores

    Tips on recognition and editing of tablature scores.

    The following videos are courtesy of Michael Hanes:

  • Part linking tool

    How to reassign staff lines to their actual parts (Relink parts). Most useful for “optimized” scores with collapsing and expanding systems.

  • Correcting misrecognized notes

    Quick look at basic note editing

  • Correcting notes that become incorrectly "joined" forming both black and red voice colors.
    Also: Removing / Inserting dots of prolongation

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  • Selecting instruments for Playback

    Assigning instrument sounds for realistic playback

  • Working with the Aria player and Garritan sounds

    Learn to work with the Aria player and Garritan sound set.

  • Playback Properties tool

    Learn how to change practically every symbol’s playback properties.

  • Playback Extras

    Tips and tricks for enhancing your playback experience