SmartScore 64 Support Videos

Want to learn more about SmartScore in 3 to 4 minutes? These brief videos cover most of the issues people ask about. There are even a few tips and tricks that will surprise and delight some of our pro users!

Welcome to SmartScore 64

Chorister's Dream

Problems introduced during scanning

Creating separate contrapuntal voices from “hymnal” clusters


Editing and exporting files

Extracting a part to a new document

Working with the chord editor

Creating a conductor’s score from a simple piano score

Converting notation to a tablature score

Recognizing and editing tablature scores

Part linking tool

Correcting misrecognized notes

Correcting notes that become incorrectly "joined"

Selecting instruments for Playback

Working with the Aria player and Garritan sounds

Playback Properties tool

Playback Extras