SmartScore Update History

History of fixes and improvements SmartScore Version 3 throuh SmartScore X2...

SS X2 / 10.5.8

  • Recognition
    - Fixed multiple Recognition crash issues.
    - False recognition of numbered endings fixed.
    - Recognition of Trills improved.
    - Reset Permuation default for trills to 8.
    - Improved Percussion and TAB staff localization / recognition.
    - Recognize fingerings. Fingerings assigned a green color.
    - Assign a blue color to slurs (legatos).
  • Playback
    - Base transposition for Bass and Alto Part Names fixed: Playback console & Instrument Templates now return a tranpose value of 0.
    - Correct Playback Pan problem.
  • MusicXML Export
    - MusicXML export bug: Bb transposition <diatonic> attribute problem fixed.
    - Write chord extensions and augmentations to MusicXML files.
    - PianoR was listed twice when exported to MusicXML files. Fixed.
  • ENF Editing
    - Mac keyboard shortcuts for Rests and Accidentals fixed.
    - Overlapped notes behavior fixed.
    - File > Open: Set "File Type" to "All Readable Files" as default.
    - DVD Installers - SmartScore Pro no longer the default selection.
  • General
    - Correct mis-spelled word in Recognition Options ("Suppress").
    - Macintosh installer updated - Apple Developer code signing updated.

SS X2 / 10.5.6

  • MusicXML Export
    - Accidental <alter> elements that belong to tied notes when crossing barlines now reiterated.
    - <sound xxxx> elements added for tempo and dynamic markings. Sfz and Sf elements included.
    - <diatonic>-and <octave-change> tags now added helping to define transposed instruments.
    - Tuplet attribute added to <note><time-modification> nodes.
    - Empty <frame> elements removed from guitar fret symbols.
  • Recognition
    - Reduced false positives: Numbered endings and Ped markings.
    - Suppress Chord Symbols bug fixed.
    - Join Offset Voices default = smaller gap.
  • Playback
    - Base transpositions for various instruments fixed.
    - Playback Console can now be suppressed (EDIT > Program Preferences).
  • Save As .WAV / .AIFF - Burn to Audio CD
    - Truncated .WAV recording bug fixed.
    - Aria/Garritan playback now supported.
  • Installation
    - All installers and demos now digitally code signed (Mac and Windows).
  • MIDI Edition Only
    - Editing note events in Piano Roll bug fixed.
  • SmartScore Player
    - All available toolbars now visible.
    - TIF-to-ENF files automatically associated.


SS X2 / 10.5.5

  • Improved recognition accuracy for various beamed groupings.
  • .WAV / .AIFF recording bugs fixed:
    Muted track are now supressed properly.
    - All settings in Playback Console are now applied during Aria recording.
  • Playback of dynamics in Aria Player improved.
  • Improved differentiation between staff lines during recognition.
  • Begin Recognition default options:
    "Join Offset Voices" active region widened to 1/4 of the width of each notehead.
    - Recognition Options reset to default when new SmartScore session is opened.
  • MusicXML bug fixed: Guitar fret symbols no longer write <empty> frame elements.
  • Quick-select (Ctl+Click) fixed for selecting existing mordants.
  • Improved recognition accuracy (Prodigy Engine) and playback (Aria)
    - All rests (whole, half, 8th, 16h, 32nd, 64th)
    - Whole notes
    - Whole note clusters
    - Half notes
    - Half note clusers
    Multi-measure rests
    - Less false positives
    - Playback of dynamics (cresc/decresc/hairpins,etc) in Aria Player improved.
    - Piano Edition Save As.. bug fixed ("ENF not implemented").

    SS X2 / 10.5.0

  • Significant improvement in music recognition accuracy with the addition of new Prodigy Engine. Accuracy is improved for:
    - Poorly printed / poorly scanned originals
    - Jazz fonts / Fake books
    - Lyric / text recognition (OCR)
    - Barlines
    - Key signatures and change-of-key signatures
    - Time signatures and change-of-time signatures
    - Triplets including standalone (without brackets)
    - Non-triplet tuplets
    - Notes with broken stems
    - Beamed groups with broken stems
    - Accidentals
    - Improve recognition accuracy of scores having overly "thin" or "thick" lines
    - Recognizes umlauts for German characters

  • Scanning Interface improvements: Improved Canon & Epson performance, MacOS 10.6/7/8 optimization
    - Improved recognition options
    - PDF processing improved. User always controls thresholding.

  • Playback
    - Includes custom orchestral, pop and jazz instrument sound set from Garritan
    - Includes Aria player from Plogue (VST & AU)
    - Includes custom Aria "Ensemble" presets for quick instrument assignments
    - Insert change-of-instrument in the ENF notation window (MIDI playback only)
    - Pause feature added to Jukebox
    - Karaoke view displays both moving lyrics and moving notation

    - Default playback tempo reset to 100 BPM

  • ENF Notation Editor
    - "Insert MIDI Instrument change" anywhere in ENF score
    - Unify Key Signature default automatically resets according to score structure
    - Select All (Ctrl+A) activates voice splitting ("H") and stem direction change ("S") globally
    - Changed Staff Properties to Score Properties - Insert / Delete Part added
    - Save and Open now browse to last directory accessed
    - Streamlined menu selections
    - EDIT (Insert / Delete System, Part & Staff moved to Score Properties)
    - Layout Properties changed to Score Properties (Insert/Delete Part added. TAB added.)
    - Add "None" to VIEW Menu > Show > Chord Symbols
    - Edit > Page Setup: Bug fixes and wording change
    - "Format Score" button added to System Manager Window
    - "Change Line / Staff Spacing" button added to Staff Properties Window
    - VIEW and WINDOW (Items swapped for clarity)
    - Fix Recognition Option > Join Offset Voices = Exactly aligned

  • Help menu / User Manual
    - "Using SmartScore X2" manual rewritten
    - Interactive online help (HTML) updated and improved

  • 10.3.3 / SS X (Win Only)

    • Improved Epson Perfection scanner control
      - Horizontal cropping problem fixed. Pages now scan 8.5" wide.

    10.3.2 / SS X

    • PDF Creation / MusicXML / Finale Export
      - Bug fixed during PDF creation when Program Preferences > Printing & XML = Center on page.
      - Fixed: Intermittent crashing (1 in 30) during .XML file creation

    10.3.1 / SS X (Win Only)

    • MusicXML / Finale Export
      - Bug fixed where .ENF files created from scratch (from SmartScore templates) failed to convert to XML when Program Preferences > Printing & XML = Center on page.

    10.3.0 / SS X

    • Scanning
      - Improved scanner connectivity and control for Canon LIDE and PIXMA scanners when using SmartScore's scanning interface.
      - Implemented smart sensing for non TWAIN-compliant scanners.

    • MusicXML / Finale Export
      - Improved chord symbol / guitar fretboard placement. Symbols now position directly above corresponding note clusters.
      - Improved exported page handling:
      - - >Music automatically centers to middle of page: (Program Preferences > Printing & XML > Center to Page = On)
      - - >XML pages now export according to default page size
    • Notation Editing
      - Transposition bug fixed: When a pair of notes with accidentals were tied across a bar line, transposing by key signature would break the tie.
      - First scan: "Select Scanner Driver" appears (initial pass only)
      - Staff Properties added to Layout Properties control (right-click on any staff line).
      - sf and sfz dynamic markings now appear below and not above staff line per convention.
      - Problem with chord names not scaling when zooming out now fixed.
      - View > Part Names default reset = 1st System Abbreviation
      - Claified wording for Edit > Auto-spacing and Auto-beaming: "Select all. Then Apply".
    • Printing
      - Music automatically centers to middle of page:
      (Program Preferences > Printing & XML > Center to Page = On)
    • Image Editor
      -Greyscale Thresholding control default = Apply to all pages = On


    • MusicXML
      - Improved XML page formatting: Page and system breaks now included.
    • Page Setup
      - "Format Score" button added to Page Setup window. Format Score environment allows for re-scaling printed output as well respacing and resetting number of barlines per system.
    • .WAV creation (Windows)
      - Problem with random crashing fixed.


    • MusicXML
      - Bug in assignment of ENF Voices (Layers in Finale) fixed. Voices now import properly as Finale Layers.
      - ENF Parts now export transparently to Finale Instruments.

      - SmartScore now imports articulation and dynamic markings from MusicXML files.
    • ENF Editing
      - FILE > Open: "Last looked" directory reinitialized. (Win only).
      - Page Setup > Center on Page > Apply: Margin tab controls highlight green for visibility.
    • Demos
      - Demos now convert PDF to TIFF for recognition.


    • ENF Editing
      - EDIT > Program Preferences: New category added: MIDI.
      Includes MIDI Channel color and MIDI Instrument defaults.
      - EDIT > Document Preferences > Measure numbers:Beginning measure number added. Default = 1.
      - Staff Properties: Percussion Map access button added to "Apply Staff Type" option.
    • Playback > Automatic Drum Track
      - (Mac Only): Drum track list now refreshes when opened and when reordering.
    • MIDI View > Piano Roll > Changing velocities of selected range of events
      - Problem with files crashing when attempting to change velocities of selected MIDI events in Piano Roll (Edit > Velocity/Duration) now fixed.

    • CD Burning
      - (Win Only): Problems with some CD burning devices not recording fixed.
    • Printing with Hidden Symbols
      - Problem with Hidden Symbols printing in Print Preview mode fixed.
    • MusicXL Export
      - Problem with major seventh chords (e.g. Gmaj7) being interpreted as dominant sevenths (e.g. G7) fixed.


    • ENF Editing
      - Transposition: Beamed notes now adjust stem direction after transposing across the middle staff line.
      - Score Structure: Control button added to Navigator bar. New documents created with the "Apply to New" button in Score Structure window now retain the same staff & system width and height spacing as the original source ENF file in addition to keeping part visibility and MIDI instrument properties.
      - System Manager: Control button added to Navigator bar. System Manager window now "floats". This allows focus to shift back to main ENF view while System Manager window remains open.
    • Playback

      - Garritan “Aria” player now integrated with SmartScore VST and AU environments.
      - Playback Range: Functionality improved. “Play All” option removed.
      - Expanded and improved Auto Drum accompaniments. Better, hipper grooves.

    • Tablature (TAB) Editing

      - Supports custom string tunings. Easily reassign unique string pitches.
      - Includes new TAB templates including Drop D, Open tunings (D,G,E, etc) plus lapsteel and 10-string pedal steel guitar presets.
      - Dynamics, dynamic markings and articulations correctly resized
      - Auto-spacing of TAB staves now defaults to OFF.

    • MusicXML and Finale Export
      - Cross-staff beaming logic improved in exported SmartScore (ENF) and MusicXML files.


    • Fixes
      DLL installation routines improved.
      - Mac: Error traps fixed in Image Editor and MIDI Editor.

    To open detailed description in PDF format, click here.

    • Improvements
      - Pro, Songbook & Guitar: New multi-string Custom TAB library added:
      Convert & edit 16 new string configurations. Add custom configurations.
      - Guitar Edition: Single-line TAB recognition and editing now included.
      - Improved Part Name / MIDI instrument linking in Playback Console.
      - New ENF Jukebox for continuous playback of multiple SmartScore files.
      - Change default instruments presets for 1, 2, 3 and 4-stave systems.
      - Improved menu configuration and choices.
      - Improved guitar fret diagram recognition. "Align chord symbols" added.
      - New "Supress chord" and "Supress lyrics" recognition options.
      - Automatic tuplet cloning: Improved to include tuplets with rests.
      - "Right-drag" + "Copy" writes ENF region to clipboard for pasting as image.
    • Fixes
      - Lyric dashes now become centered between lyric syllables. Single dash for each note replaces multiple dashes in a melissma.
      - 2/4 now defaults to 120 bpm during playback.
      - Import MIDI -> ENF: Key signature interpretation problem fixed.
      - Problem with Part Names not updating after relinking parts fixed.
      - Probelm with Part Names resetting in Super System fixed (in optimzed scores).
      - Lock / Unlock problem in Playback Console fixed.
      - Save to MIDI (Type 0): Intermittent crash problem fixed.
      - Numerous house-keeping, maintenance issues and bug-fixes implemented.


    • MusicXML Export Improvements
      - Improved page formatting: Margin, page and staff size now properly written.
      - Triplets improved.
      - Chord and guitar fret symbol positioning improved.
      - MIDI instument data now written.
      - Tranposed instruments (variable key signatures) now written.


    • Scanning and Recognition
      Macintosh Only:
      - Improved scanner control for Canon and Epson scanners.
      - "Use PPC drivers" now defaults to OFF.
      NOTE: If scanner fails to respond, try turning "Use PPC drivers" option = ON.
      - Improved conversion of PDF files to TIFF. Files now convert with Packbit compression significantly reducing file size .
      - ENF files automatically acquire TIFF filename.
      - "First look" directory = SmartScore application directory.
      - If Overlay view mode is closed, TIFF/ENF Split Screen now opens.

      Windows and Mac:
      - Split system (coda fragments) now recognized. See revised Recognition Option.
    • Playback
      - Problem with Auto-Drum Track list display fixed.
      - Percussion staff playback improved.
    • ENF Editing
      - Editing and positioning control of sf and sfz symbols improved.
      Expanding Palettes: Cntl + click and middle mouse button now open palettes.
      - "Error in Measure" highlight feature improved.
    • Text Editing
      - Modify Style: Click on Text Style now displays example in "Sample" window.
    • Program/Document Preferences
      - Default size of selected Chord Names, Text and Tempo symbols refined.
    • Guitar Chord Library
      - Chord library expanded with 35 new chord configurations.
      - (b9) and (+) signs added to "Augmentations".
    • Transposition
      - Problem with "Ask for new chord symbol" option fixed.
      - Problem when transposing music containing dynamics or lyrics with German "umlaut" character when "transpose by clef " is selected now fixed.
      - Tranpose by Clef feature improved (optimized).


    • Part Names in System Manager restored.

    • Desktop shortcut fixed (reset "first run" target directory to avoid auto-install)

    • Recognition and linking of written chord symbols
      Chord symbols written as text can be configured in various ways:
      (e.g. "EMaj7", "E major 7" and "E maj7"). Automated linking of recognized text strings with the appropriate chord configuration in the Guitar Chord Library has been improved.
    • MIDI Fixes
      Looped playback improved.
      - MIDI recording improved. MIDI recording can begin at any beat.
      - Problem of Mac crashing after inserting Drum Style and opening Playback Console fixed.

    • Text Styles are now properly saved and stored to user library.


    • Mac Scanning (10.5 - Leopard)
      Scanning in Leopard has been fixed.
      - When scanning in Leopard, de-select "Use PPC Drivers" checkbox in SmartScore scanning interface. In Tiger, "Use PPC Drivers" should remain checked.
      NOTE: Only Epson scanners have been tested. Click here for recommendations.

    • CD Writer and .WAV creator (Windows Vista and XP)
      CD writing and .WAV file creation under Windows has bee fixed.
      NOTE for Vista users: Windows Media Player 11 must be installed.
    • Problem with Hidden Symbols reappearing after restarting SSX fixed.
      Dynamic markings (e.g. fff, p, sf, f) now remain hidden after saving and reopening the ENF file.

    • Changing misrecognized staff type fixed.
      Any single staffline in a system with misrecognized number of stafflines (e.g. Guitar TAB instead of 5-line melody), can now be reassigned to its proper staff type by using Properties Tool > Staff Properties > Apply staff types.

    • .TIFF extensions now recognized as Image Files.
      Mac .TIFF file extensions are now recognized as image files for editing or recognition.

    • Installer / activator for OSX on Japanese systems fixed.


    • Prescanned color images are now processed (for TWAIN-challenged scanners)
    • Restores proper velocity values to dynamic markings
    • Help > SmartScore manual links now properly organized
    • Volume, Tempo and other settings in Playback Console are now saved to MIDI
    • SmartScore files now successfully save to MIDI Type 0
    • Fixes "activation failed" problem with Songbook Edition installer

    SmartScore 5 Update Fixes
    (Includes all previous 5.x updaters)

    • Double-byte text support (For Asian platforms)
      SmartScore files now behave properly during Save and Save As. (For users in Japan, China, Korea, etc.).

    • SmartScore ENF Editing
      - Problems with re-linking parts in first system fixed.
      - Display no longer jumps to top of page when editing lyrics in large-page scores.

    • MIDI
      Tenuto markings saved to MIDI files now play back properly.


    • Transposition Window
      Clef and key signature source now correctly reflects active staff line.

    • MIDI
      (Win only) Pull-down menu now displays all possible MIDI views.


    • Playback
      Added Trills Properties. Trill permutaions now fully defined and controlled.
      - Ritard (Ritenudo) - Extend maximum ending retard value from 35% to 15%.
      - Notes inside crossed-over staff lines - accidentals not reflected. Fixed.
      - Half-note tremelos not playing properly after ENF file is closed. Fixed.
      - Damper Pedal Off marking not responding correctly. Fixed.

    • Editing
      - Measures-per-system number and placement lost after parts are extracted. Fixed.
      - Slurs become corrupt when control handle is dragged off-screen. Fixed.
      - "Large noteheads" appear when display is set to 120 dpi. Fixed.

    • MusicXML Export

      - Chord symbols now written to XML file. Chords import into Finale. Confirmed.
      - Non-duple time signatures not correctly written to XML. Fixed.


    • Editing and Playback
      Change existing guitar / chord symbols: Select any existing chord symbol with Cntl+Click. Right-click on existing symbol to change to one previously-selected.
      - Problems occuring when resizing system width using margin tabs fixed.
      - Problem with Page Setup > Center on Page (with "Limit Formatting" = On) fixed.
      - Problem with changing half-note tremelo values on the fly fixed.
      - Karaoke spacing improved with "Show Dashes" = Off.
      - Playback problem with trills becoming applied to all simultaneous voices fixed.
      - CD Writer > Export audio file: File format choices corrected.


    • Recognition
      Simultaneous recognition of multiple pages with Dual Core computers.
      - Improved barline recognition.

    • Playback
      Playback menu > "Play as Written": Entire score will "ignore" time signature.
      - Tuplets Properties: Reassign "Division" and "Value" to selected tuplet or to all similar tuplets.
      Note Properties (Properties arrow tool) fixes:.
      - - Trills: Certain permutaions fixed.
      - - Fermatas: Tempo delay definition and slider direction improved.
      - (Mac) MIDI Devices menu item: List improved. Audio MIDI Setup added.
      - Karaoke Options: Underlines removed. "Show Dashes" default = Off.
      - Problem with transposition in Playback Console (stuck notes) fixed.
      - Changed MIDI Volume in Playback Console now saved to ENF file.

    • ENF Editing
      - "X"
      Quick Key now toggles between "Delete Any" and "Delete selected symbol"
      - Multiple articulations can be inserted by selecting range of notes with Selector Tool ("O" key) and inserting a single articulation.
      - Multiple-measure rest fixes:
      - - Resized number prints properly.
      - - Editing with slurs present in measure no longer crashes file.
    • MIDI
      - Range of selected MIDI events (Overview and Piano Roll) can be copied and pasted.
      - Columnated data in Event List now copies to clipboard (Select All > Copy).

    • MIDI-to-ENF (MIDI to Notation)
      - MIDI channels are maintained when MIDI file is converted to ENF
      - Problem with certain incorrect "track-to-clef " conversions corrected.

    • MusicXML Export
      Multi-measure rests supported

    • CD Burner > Save to .WAV
      Multiple ENF files can now be saved directly to disk as .WAV files.


    Previous 5.x Fixes
    (Mac 5.x users )

    • Maximum installations notification
      - Users are now instructed what to do when maximum of 5 installations are met.

    • Scanning
      - Intel Mac scanning now functional:
      (PowerPC TWAIN drivers are now accessed via Rosetta)
      - PowerPC scanning fixes (multiple page scanning problem fixed).
    • Save function
      - Mac Intel Save problem (5.1.1) requiring "Close window" workaround fixed.
      - Save function problem triggered from "close window" button fixed.
      (Saved file no longer includes complete path name).
      - HELP > Online Verification problem (5.1.1) fixed.
    • Editing
      - Lyrics in multiple staves correctly mapped.
      - Problem of inserting dash at last note on page fixed.

    • Printing
      - Printing problems fixed (including mis-mapped lyrics).

    (Win/Mac 5.x users )

    • Recognition
      - Improved PDF file recognition (for PDFs created with high (print) resolution.
      - Remove “Override Grey” recognition option. SmartScore now scans in grey. 
      - Improved ties recognition including ties across systems and pages.
      - Chord clusters in different voices are more precisely aligned.
      - Offset voices more precisely aligned.
      - Improved recognition of cross-staff voices.
      - Improved differentiation between lyric and text recognition.
      - Improved recognition of dynamic markings. No longer recognized as dumb text.
      - System brackets recognition improved and are more properly assigned.
      - Recognition stability improved on “marginal-quality” scans .
    • Playback
      - "Play as written" (for pickup, incomplete and split measures) can now be applied
      globally (Edit > Document Preferences) as well as locally (Barline Properites).
      - "Unable to load Timer.dll" problem with internal sound card fixed.
      - MIDI settings changed in Playback Console are now saved to the ENF file.

    • ENF Editing
      - Associate Image Files (5.1 problem) fixed.
      - Slur (legato) corruption problem when inserted on steeply angled beams fixed.
      - Facing page view problem fixed.
      - Multi-measure rests now activated with Ctrl + click
      - Non-default time signatures (e.g. 12/8) now activate with Ctrl +click
      - Appropiate clef signs are now inserted in opimized staves that are made visible
      when parts are extracted in Score Structure
      - Beams inserted in Hidden Mode remaining visible when returning to normal
      view mode fixed.
      - Expanded Guitar Chord Library.
      - Display of half-beams are now dynamically controlled based on distance.
      - Half-beam direction control (Swap with Select + “F” key).
      - Stability during editing improved.
      - Auto-recover process improved. Simply rename recovered file and continue.
      - Barline removal at end of systems stabilized.
    • Text and Lyrics
      - Lyrics more precisely associated to noteheads.
      - Changes in text styles can now be modified and saved as new styles.
      - Melissmas at end of staff line now supported Playback.
      - Jumps (codas, segnos, etc.) now work when repeat barlines are not present.
      - Karaoke view improved.
      - On-the-fly changes made in Playback Console are retained.
      - Problem with latency and/or note drop after a jump or a repeat now fixed.
    • MIDI Recording and Editing   
      - Snap To (Quantize) now working during recording.
      - Snap To applied to selected set of MIDI events now working.
      -  DELETE key now deletes selected set of MIDI events. 
      - MIDI Editing (deleting, cutting and pasting events) stabilized.
      - MIDI Recording stabilized. Save function improved.
      - MIDI events now sound when pitch is shifted.
      - MIDI Type 1 files now supported in more third-party applications.
    • Printing     
      - Lyrics in multiple fields now print as mapped in ENF display
      - Rehearsal marks as letters now print correctly.
    • File Export / Import
      - .FIN file export crashing problem fixed.
      - MIDI files with 2/1 time signature now properly convert to ENF

    • Image Editing     
      Cut, paste and move functions improved.