Macintosh Notice: OS 10.15 (Catalina)

Important Recommendation for SmartScore Mac Users

Apple has released their latest Mac operating system, Catalina. It’s important to understand that current and previous versions of SmartScore will not operate on that platform. SmartScore X2 and its prior iterations are all 32-bit. Catalina is pure 64-bit and will not support any 32-bit applications, including SmartScore. Avid users of SmartScore should avoid installing Catalina until Musitek releases its next version, SmartScore 64 due in early 2020.

NOTE: Music-to-XML is 64-bit and works normally with Catalina.

We’ve been working hard for well over a year to prepare SmartScore 64 for Mac, Windows and Linux. We can tell you development is well along and that it’s looking good and running well. SmartScore 64 will include a streamlined new look, a smarter interface, and, of course, improved notation recognition. We can’t wait to get it into your hands. As always, the upgrade will be reasonably priced and available on DVD or by direct download. We will be notifying you by e-mail as soon as it becomes available.

Unless you have a back-up system running a compatible operating system such as Mojave or Windows10, we encourage you to wait a few months more before installing Catalina. As an additional caveat, be aware that quite a few current releases of popular software (64-bit music apps included), still do not run under Catalina.

We understand this may create an inconvenience to you. But in the end, we know you will thrilled with SmartScore 64. You’ll be hearing from us soon.

Thank you.

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