SmartScore X2 Improvements

Significant improvement in music recognition accuracy with the addition of new Prodigy Engine®. Accuracy is improved for:
  • Poorly printed / poorly scanned originals
  • Jazz fonts / Fake books
  • Lyric / text recognition (OCR)
  • Barlines
  • Key signature and change-of-key signatures
  • Time signatures and change-of-time signatures
  • Triplets including standalone (without brackets)
  • Non-triplet tuplets
  • Notes with broken stems
  • Beamed groups with broken stems
  • Accidentals Improve recognition accuracy of scores having overly "thin" or "thick" lines
  • Recognizes umlauts for German characters
Scanning Interface improvements: Improved Canon & Epson performance, MacOS 10.6/7/8 optimization
  • Improved recognition options PDF processing improved
  • User controls thresholding
  • Includes orchestral, pop and jazz instrument sound set from Garritan
  • Includes Aria player from Plogue (VST & AU)
  • Pause feature added to Jukebox
  • Karaoke view displays both moving lyrics and moving notation
ENF Editor improvements
  • "Insert MIDI Instrument change" anywhere in ENF score
  • Unify Key Signature default automatically resets according to score structure
  • Select All (Ctrl+A) activates voice splitting ("H") and stem direction change ("S") globally
  • Changed Staff Properties to Score Properties - Insert / Delete Part added
  • Save and Open now browse to last directory accessed
  • Streamlined menu selections
  • EDIT (Insert / Delete System, Part & Staff moved to Score Properties)
  • Layout Properties changed to Score Properties (Insert/Delete Part added. TAB added.)
  • Add "None" to VIEW Menu > Show > Chord Symbols"
  • Edit > Page Setup: Bug and wording change
  • "Format Score" button added to System Manager Window
  • "Change Line / Staff Spacing" button added to Staff Properties Window
  • VIEW and WINDOW (Items swapped for clarity)
  • Fix Recognition Option > Join Offset Voices = Never
Help / Manual
  • Using SmartScore X2 manual rewritten
  • Interactive online help (HTML) updated and improved


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