For owners of Finale and PrintMusic only...

Upgrade Finale (any version) to SmartScore X2 Pro or SmartScore X2 Songbook Edition for half the retail price. This is a ship-to offer. Downloading is available for a small fee.

To download your SmartScore upgrade in addition to having it shipped, add the "Download Option" item to your cart (see bottom of page). There is a nominal administrative fee for the Download Option since a human being will be checking your registration and setting you up by hand.

If you wish ONLY to have the download and NOT receive the DVD: Write in the Comments field: "Do not ship. Set me up for downloading." We will apply your postage fee to the Download Option and set you up for downloading as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you choose the Download Option or request downloading instead of shipping, we will e-mail you download instructions within a few hours (weekends may take longer). The processing bank's receipt may show a "Customer ID". Your actual SmartScore ID and serial number will arrive later from MUSITEK.COM.


Finale to SmartScore X2 Pro

$399.00 $199.00

Order SmartScore X2 Professional Edition to be shipped to you. Hybrid DVD includes both Windows XP+ (Win10 compatible) and Mac 10.5+ (High Sierra compatible).

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Finale to SmartScore X2 Songbook

$199.00 $99.00

Hybrid DVD includes both Windows XP+ (Win10 compatible) and Mac 10.5+ (High Sierra compatible).
Songbook is identical in every way to SmartScore Pro, just limited to processing music with no more than 3 staves per system (e.g. vocal-piano music).

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Download Option


NOTE: To qualify for this option, you must also order a full version of SmartScore X2 or already be a registered owner of SmartScore X2. You will receive e-mail with instructions for downloading within one business day.

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Ship Full SmartScore X2 DVD



Ships only to X2 owners or with new X2 orders.  

Complete SmartScore X2 DVD includes: 

SmartScore X2 installer

Garritan soundset installer

Aria player installer  

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