Can your phone or tablet really read music? Yup. There’s an app for that.

Available now on iTunes & Google Play !


Capture multiple pages of a musical score and play it back through your device. Just click and play… Best of all, it's free !

Step up to NoteReader Premier (in-app upgrade – Just $9.99) and send your recognized music files to any e-mail address or to Dropbox or Google Drive.

Enhance and share the experience: Download and install our SmartScore Player absolutely free. SmartScore Player displays your captured music as standard notation and offers preset drum tracks and a Karaoke mode with moving lyrics and bouncing ball. Send SmartScore files to your friends and colleagues. They can use the Player too !

Get Serious: NoteReader Premier lets you retrieve captured music as MIDI (.mid) and MusicXML (.xml) files. Open and edit recognized files in Finale®, Sibelius® or any other music notation program that supports MusicXML format. Open your MIDI files in Garage Band®, Acid®, Cubase® and start laying down your own tracks.

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Available on Apple iTunes and Google Play NOW !