Start sharing your SmartScore files with colleagues and friends. Now anyone can open, play and print .ENF files even if they don't own SmartScore. What's more, SmartScore Player can convert and play back standard MIDI files as musical notation. The free Player includes a MIDI Editor with familiar Piano Roll and Event List. How cool is that?

SmartScore Player is free and freely distributable. Tell your colleagues to download their copy or download it yourself and give them a copy. It’s anyone’s for the taking !


NoteReader for mobile devices has arrived…

Click here to find out more about SmartScore NoteReader for iPhone, iPad and Android platforms.
Use the SmartScore Player along with NoteReader Premier in-app upgrade ($9.99) to view the musical notation captured by your mobile device and have it play back !

Your mobile phone is about to become a lot smarter…


WINDOWS: Windows 10 compatible - Pentium I or better / 1GB RAM recommended

MAC: Yosemite compatible - OS 10.4 or later, Intel G3 or better / 1GB RAM recommended

Download for PCDownload for MAC