INDEX - SmartScore X2ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXZInstallation and IntroductionSmartScore X2 Installation proceduresDownload InstallationsDVD InstallationAll InstallationsHow to use this manualwww.musitek.com/videos.htmlSmartScore X2 TutorialRecognition of Sample Files (Fandago.tif)System ReportUnify Key and TimeEditing Sample FilesWhat you will see firstAria Player and Playback ConsoleNotation EditorEditing FandangoDeleting symbols / Expanding palettes / Grace notesCopying and pasting several notes at once / Pitch shiftTransposing the keyUnifying irregular staff sizesPrepare for printing (Page setup / centering / adjust margins)Visualizing contrapuntal voicesChanging Instrument sounds in Playback ConsoleEditing ChoraleQuick-selectCorrect playback of pickup and closeout measuresApply different MIDI sounds to each partEditing GluckUsing Properties tool to change playback characteristicsSelecting a few measures for playbackExtracting a part in Score StructureEditing SongbookPickup, closeout and error measuresEditing LyricsEditing GuitarAdjust default tempoEditing three or more voicesControlling part namesAssigning different instruments to voicesConverting notation to guitar TABMacintosh / Windows shortcut conventionsScanning and RecognitionPreparing to Scan MusicScanner DriversSelecting your scanner driver in SmartScore (Windows only)Choosing a scannerwww.musitek.com/videos.htmlwww.musitek.com/scanningnotes.htmlScanning in Macintosh®Scanning Outside of SmartScoreScanning Orchestral ScoresUsing the SmartScore Scanning InterfaceEnhanced scanning functionsAuto DeskewAuto ResolutionScanner settingsBrightnessResolutionChoosing an alternative scanning interfaceProcessing PDF files for RecognitionReordering the File ListRemoving, replacing and re-saving scanned pagesRecognition SequenceRecognition OptionsTextTupletsPedalsBowingsHymnal FontsOssiasRecognize Tablature, Percussion and Split Systems (Codas)Join Offset Voices (“Y”)Part linking (Ctrl + “L”)Fretboard StringsPost-RecognitionScanning Part Scores (Score-Parts)Recognition AccuracyTroubleshooting Scanning and RecognitionOpening files in the Image EditorImage Editing ToolsPage ToolsCropInvertDelete PageFreehand Draw (Brush)Line DrawLine / Brush ThicknessRotate Left / Rotate RightThresholdingBegin RecognitionCut / Copy and Paste functionsCopyPastePlaybackWorking with the Aria Player and Garritan sounds4.1.1 Notes on working with the Aria playerBurning Audio to DVD with the Aria playerQuick Playback Tricks4.2.1 Playing back a selected sectionPlayback Console4.3.1 Playback Console controlsDynamics and Articulations4.4.1 Tuplets and Slurs (Legatos)Voices and PlaybackVoice VisibilityVoice Splitting (Select + “H”)Assigning instruments to voicesChanging instrument sounds on the flyCorrecting Vertical AlignmentRepeatsTo delete any barline,4.6.1 Repeated versesDeleting numbered endings and barlines at the end of systemsChange of key/time and the double barlineJumpsWorking with the CodaPlayback PropertiesNote PropertiesProperty Options (All Properties windows)Apply Setting(s) to All Future Files:Back to Default:Reset Defaults;Slur (Legato) PropertiesTempo Marking PropertiesAccelerando, Descelerando and Ritard PropertiesHairpin, Cresc. and Decresc. PropertiesTrill PropertiesDynamic Marking PropertiesTuplet PropertiesMulti-Measure Rest PropertiesBarline Properties (Pickup measures and Codas)Other Playback OptionsKaraoke ViewInstrument TemplatesTransposed instrumentsAdding instrumentsAdd drum tracksSwingENF Graphical controllersVelocity ControllerTempo ControllerNormalize controllersChoose Playback > Graphical ControllerConverting SmartScore files to other file typesMerging SystemsRe-linking parts3rd-party VST (Windows) and AU (Mac) audio setupMIDI SetupAudio MIDI Setup (Macintosh)Basic Score EditingNavigating Inside an ENF DocumentActive stafflinePage View DisplayScan View Windowa TIFF / ENF Overlay view (Mac Only)Go to View > Split Screen > Overlay.ZoomPagingStatus Bar optionsPitch shift (Nudge mode)To change the pitch of several notes at once,Rhythmic errorsInserting Notation SymbolsInsert modeStem directionTo reverse the stem direction of one or more selected notes,To change the stem direction of an existing note,Deleting objectsUndo / RedoEditing note clustersInserting, changing and deleting beamed notesNotes palette (expanded) Beams palette (expanded)Forming beam groups (Select + “B”)Barlines5.2.12a Deleting / changing barlines at the end of systems.Score PropertiesBarline PropertiesNote PropertiesTransposition by Key and ClefPrinting and exporting your final score5.5.1 Optimizing oversized and undersized scanned scoresConverting SmartScore files to other file typesCopying an ENF region to paste into non-music programsWorking with Finale®Creating a New ENF Score from ScratchNew scoreUsing Built-in TemplatesReal Time RecordingStep Time RecordingReformatting, Part Extraction & Page Setup (Score Structure)Reformatting scores in ENF viewNudge Mode (Barlines)Adjusting measuresHorizontal ReformattingVertical Reformatting (Line, staff and system spacing using tabs)Changing line spacing and distances in the active system (Red tabs)Changing staff line spacing in the active (Blue tabs)Document Page SetupPage CenteringChanging default marginsChanging page orientation of an ENF scoreDefault Page Size and TypeCustom document layoutsDocument Layout DefaultsEdit > Format ScoreMeasures per systemApply punctuationSetup indentsSetup spacing.Scale entire score (optimize score size)Using Score Structure to Extract & Join PartsStructure and hierarchyExtracting parts in Score StructureCreating a conductor’s score from individual partsCreating Part Scores from Ensemble ScoresEnsemble score having 4 partsDetailed ENF EditingQuick KeysQuick-select (Ctrl + Click)Inserting and changing symbols (“C”)Deleting notes and symbols (“X”)Select tool (“O”)a Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert and Merge selected symbolsUsing the Select Tool (“O”) to edit selected objectsTranspositionTransposition StrategyLimit TranspositionScore PropertiesLine/staff spacingStaff PropertiesBracketing: See "Bracketing", Section 8.4.3, on page 183.Add empty pageSystem > Insert above/Insert below/RemoveStaff / Part > Insert / RemoveScore-Part > Insert above/Insert below/RemoveOssiaTABGo to.System ManagerPart NamesAssigning MIDI Instruments to Voices (General MIDI Playback only)Extracting PartsExtracting VoicesAdding a new part to the scoreSuper SystemPart VisibilityDeleting partsInstrument TemplatesFormat ScoreApplying changes in System Manager to the scoreSystemSystem+Score/PartSuper System (Do not use except in extraordinary cases)AllApplyApply to NewNudge mode (Shift button)7.5.1 Changing note pitchesMoving notes and rests horizontallyResizing beam angles and note stemsRepositioning text fields linked to an active staffline.Reshaping arcs and slursRepositioning measures using barlinesSpecial fixes possible with Nudge mode7.5.7a Fixing offset notes & rests belonging to two voices7.5.7b Fixing beam anglesTool PalettesHide All:7.6.1 Notes and Rests palette7.6.1b Cluster tool7.6.1c Multi-measure rests7.6.1d Tuplets (T)7.6.1e Beam tool7.6.1f Grace NotesSelect Edit > Document Preferences > Playback7.6.1g Dots of Prolongation7.6.1h Tiesi Accidentalsj Courtesy accidental toolArticulations palette7.6.2a Slur (Legato)b Turns, fermatas, accents and mordents (ornaments)7.6.2c Tremolo (single, double, triple, quadruple)7.6.2d Arpeggiof GlissandoDynamics Palette7.6.3a Crescendos and Decrescendos (Hairpin Tool)b Dynamic MarkingsTempo Palettea Metronome MarkTempo MarkingsChange of tempo (metronome mark)Metronome markRitards, Accelerandos, DescelerandosTempo controllerClefs and Signatures (Key and Time) palette7.6.11c Alto / Tenor / Mezzo-soprano (“C”) clefs7.6.11d Treble Octava / Bass Octava clefs7.6.11e Treble Octavo / Bass Octavo clefs7.6.11f Percussion clefOctava / Octavo toolsBarlines palette (I)a Deleting / changing barlines at the end of systems.Text and tools palette 7.6.13a Textmode", Section 8.2, on page Lyrics7.6.13c Guitar FretboardUnify (U)Dots (D)Ties (V)Beam direction (A)Stem direction (S)Voice Splitting (Select + “H”)Part Linking (Ctrl+L)NavigatorOpen (Ctrl+O / (Cmnd+M Mac)ScanRecognitionUnify Score (“U”)a Unify Key Signatures7.8.4b Unify Time Signatures7.8.4c Unify Clefs7.8.4d Unify System, Staff and Line Spacinge Do not launch Unify after recognitionSetupPrint PreviewScoreRecordKaraoke ViewMIDI View (Ctrl + I / Cmnd + I for Mac)TilingCD BurnAuto-BeamingAuto-SpacingWorking with Contrapuntal VoicesVoice colorOverriding voice color assignmentsChecking vertical alignment of voicesSwap position of note heads (Select + “L”)Cross-staff voicingCross-measure beamingOverlapping or offset noteheadsRecognized measure (w/ cross-staff voice)More ENF navigatingSplit-screen and scan view reference viewsScrollingPagingJump To Page: (Ctrl +G or Cmnd+G for Mac)MIDI to ENFStaff VoicingDensityQuantizationTroubleshooting ENF Problemsc:::3"'Editing Text, Lyrics & SymbolsLyricsDashes, spaces and underscoresVerifying vertically aligned voicesText modeEntering and editing textAdding and changing styles of Text and Lyrics> Document Preferences.Music SymbolsGuitar Fret and Chord SymbolsChoosing a fret / chord symbol from the library,Changing Chord and Fret symbolsCreating a new chord symbol / fret configurationAdding additional fret configurations to the libraryGuitar Library file managementChord Symbol PreferencesEditing chord and fret symbols in ENFNon-musical SymbolsUsing Text and symbols to mark up scoresDocument PreferencesOpen Edit > Document Preferences > Score Symbols tab.Score HeaderWorking with TAB & DrumsRecognizing music with TAB or Percussion partsConverting staff line typesWorking with tablature (TAB) partsTablature notation display in SmartScoreChange fingering configurationsEditing TAB symbolsCreating a guitar TAB staff below a melody lineUnifying TAB line distances and line spacing.Editing and creating percussion partsEditing a percussion partPlayback > DrumsetCreating a percussion staff from scratchAutomatic Drum PatternsPlay back with automatic drum patternAdding custom drum patterns from ENFSelect Edit > Create Automatic Drum Pattern.Push the Open button in the Navigator (File > Open) and click to select MIDI from the “Files of Type” pull-down menu. Browse to a MIDI file containing a drum track and double- click.Virtual Drum KitRecording a virtual drum trackDefining Virtual Drum KitSelect Options > Virtual Drum Kit DefinitionMIDI Editing and SequencingMIDI ViewsSelecting MIDI viewsMIDI ToolbarClosing MIDI ViewsTrack OverviewSelecting tracks and MIDI eventsPlaybackSpacebarMini-ConsoleMIDI DevicesPlayback RangePiano Roll 10.4.1 Selecting MIDI tracksTiling ENF and MIDI viewsInserting program changes (Assign new MIDI instrument for playback)Velocity and Tempo Graphical ControllersShuttle ToolMIDI Instrument settingsMIDI event selectionChanging MIDI event attributesChanging note velocity Changing note pitchNote Event windowCut/Copy and PasteEvent ListView > New MIDI View or Window > Event List.Changing parameters of selected notesInserting note eventsEditing Key, Time and TempoInserting Non-Note EventsPlayback ConsoleAdjusting Playback Console SettingsDisplay ControlsTimeVelocityMIDI RecordingRecording OptionsThruMetronomeSnap toRecording New Tracks / VoicesExternal TimerSetting Punch In and Punch Out pointsStep Time RecordingVirtual Drum KitPlayback Considerations after MIDI EditingMIDI to ENFSaving MIDI FilesRecording to Audio (Save as file / Burn to CD)ReferencePreferencesDocument PreferencesSystemsScore symbolsPage numberChord symbolsPlaybackProgram PreferencesPage typeUnits and ZoomTablatureColor settingsMIDI channel colorKaraoke settingsAutosaveNotificationsMusicXMLENF - PDF (Win Only)SystemsScore SymbolsPage NumberENF EDITOR > FILE MenuNew ENF / New MIDOpen (Ctrl +O Win / Cmnd+O)Close (Cmnd+W)Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+S for Mac)Save AsSave & Open XML in Finale (Toolbar button)Save as PDFScan MusicRecognizePage SetupPrint PreviewMost recently opened ENF filesExitENF EDITOR > EDIT MenuUndo (Ctrl +Z / Cmnd+Z)Redo (Ctrl +Y / Cmnd+Y)Cut (Ctrl+X / Cmnd+X)CopyPaste (Ctrl +V / Cmnd+V)11.3.5a Paste Replaceb Merging and Inserting (Paste option)DeleteSelect All (Ctrl+A or Cmnd+A)System Manager (Ctrl+M or Cmnd+M)Score PropertiesScore StructureFormat ScoreStaff SpacingText StylesPart Linking (Ctrl+L or Cmnd+L) (Collapsing and expanding systems)Instruments TemplatesBracketing (Ctrl+B or Cmnd+B)Add Empty PagesUnify Signatures (U)Restore Default Voices (Ctrl + U)Score HeaderDefault TempoAutomatic Drum TrackGuitar Chord LibraryTranspose (Ctrl +T / CmndT)Edit Mode11.4.1 ToolbarsPalettesShow 11.4.3a Active Staff11.4.3b Error Message11.4.3c Part Names11.4.3d Measure Numbers11.4.3e Chord Symbols11.4.3f Hidden Symbolsg Lyric Show/Don’t ShowAssociate Image FilesGo to Associate Image Files...Image InformationView ModeZoomSet Playback RangePlay / Stop / RewindThruConsoleMini ConsoleMIDI DevicesSwingPlay as writtenGraphical ControllerENF EDITOR > WINDOW MenuTask Window (Ctrl + W)Scan ViewClone DocumentView PanesSplit ScreenCascadeTileSplitOverview / Piano Roll / Event ListKaraokeReset Tools and Palettes (F1)New MIDI View (Ctrl +I / Cmnd+I)ENF EDITOR > HELP MenuSmartScore Manual (PDF)Online HelpCheck for UpdatesRegistrationAbout SmartScore X2MIDI EDITOR > FILE MenuNewOpen (Ctrl +O / Cmnd+O)Close - (Cmnd+W Mac)Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+S)Save AsShow Task Window (Ctrl + W)DVD Writer11.7.8 Recent (1,2,3, or 4)Exit/ Quit- (Cmnd+Q)MIDI EDITOR > EDIT MenuRedo (Ctrl +Y / Cmnd+Y)SelectSelect All (Ctrl +A / Cmnd+A)Cut (Ctrl +X / Cmnd+X)Copy (Ctrl +C Win / Cmnd+C Mac)Paste (Ctrl +V / Cmnd+V)Paste SpecialDelete (Del)Delete TrackProgram Change (Piano Roll only)Velocity/ DurationCreate Automatic Drum PatternConvert MIDI to ENFMIDI EDITION > VIEW MenuToolbarToolbarImage ToolbarToolbarMini ConsoleMIDI ToolbarSynchronizeShow Actual PlaybackMIDI EDITION > OPTIONS MenuSnap to (Quantization)File SettingsTrack (not in Overview)MIDI DevicesInstrument SettingsMetronome SettingsShuttle OnMIDI PLAYBACK MenuSet Playback RangePlay/ Pause “Spacebar”StopRewind “,” (comma)RecordExternal TimerSynchro StartThruMetronomePlayback Console (Ctrl + 9 / Cmnd+9)MIDI WINDOW MenuImage Realtime MenuRealtime > MIDI DevicesIMAGE EDITOR> FILE MenuNewOpen (Ctrl +O / Cmnd+O)Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+T)Save AsSave As PDFScan MusicRecognitionPrint (Ctrl +P Win / Cmnd+P Mac)DVD Writer11.10.10 Recent (1,2,3, or 4)11.10.11 Exit/ Quit (Cmnd+Q Mac)IMAGE EDITOR > EDIT MenuUndo (Ctrl +Z / Cmnd+Z)Redo (Ctrl +Y / Cmnd+YCut (Ctrl +X / Cmnd+X)Copy (Ctrl +C / Cmnd+C)Paste (Ctrl +V / Cmnd+V)Delete (Del)Select AllCropInvertRotateDelete PageSelectionLineBrushDeskewSelection ModePen ColorIMAGE EDITOR > VIEW MenuNavigatorToolbarToolbarImage ToolbarStatus BarPalettesImage InformationNext PagePrevious PageGo to Page (Ctrl +G Win / Cmnd+G Mac)ZoomReset Tools and Palettes (F1)GlossaryScore FormatsScore ComponentsMIDI TermsSmartScore Terms