How to Install Aria and Garritan Sounds


The full online installer of SmartScore X2 (with Aria player and Garritan
sounds) may fail when installing under Mac OS 10.12+ (Sierra+) due to new
levels of security built into the MacOS. The problem is not with the
SmartScore installer. The issue resides with the Aria and Garritan packages
we licensed from their developers. We hope a fix can be worked out. 

The single SmartScore X2 installer works perfectly well. To install SmartScore without Aria and Garritan, return to the SmartScore download page.
Download and install only the SmartScore X2 installer (without Aria and
Garritan sounds). You should have no issues at all.


Using your browser, go to directory.

  • You need to download 3 files to the same directory (we suggest your /Downloads directory):

    1. Install_Garritan_SmartScore.pkg

    2. Install_Aria_Player.pkg


NOTE: Samples. Zip is a very large file (600+ MB) and it may take a while to download.

Unzip “” making sure the folder, “SamplesData” remains in the same directory with the Garritan installer.

  • Once Samples is unpacked, double-click “Install_Garritan_SmartScore.pkg”.

  • When you’re done, check that you have 500+ .audio files in Applications/Garritan SmartScore/SmartScore_Samples directory.

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