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11.10.1 New

Select between a new ENF or a new MIDI. Choosing New ENF will open the New Smart- Score Document window. Select a Template or use Custom to create a unique score. Choosing New MIDI will open a blank MIDI Overview and Piano Roll for MIDI input.

11.10.2 Open (Ctrl +O / Cmnd+O)

Opens File Selection dialog box and lists saved files. A selected file will be loaded into memory and will display on the screen.

11.10.3 Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+T)

Writes currently displayed file to the hard disk.

11.10.4 Save As

Opens Windows File Selection dialog box

Save processed or modified Image files to hard disk following Scanning and Editing. Use to save selected files to directory other than the working directory.

11.10.5 Save As PDF

Saves currently open TIFF image as a PDF file (Windows requires PDF 995 from installer).

11.10.6 Scan Music

Selects scanner or initiates scanner to acquire image.

11.10.7 Recognition

Initiates Recognition to begin processing saved image file(s).

11.10.8 Print (Ctrl +P Win / Cmnd+P Mac)

Initiates Windows Print Monitor. Current Image file is output to default printer from selected printer port.

11.10.9 CD Writer

Opens CD Writer / Burn window. See "CD Writer (Audio)", Section 11.2.12.

11.10.10 Recent (1,2,3, or 4)

Automatically loads one of the last four files accessed by SmartScore (Win). Select any recent files by type (Mac)

11.10.11 Exit/ Quit (Cmnd+Q Mac)

Exit SmartScore. Save current file. Go to Windows main desktop.