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11.9.1 Set Playback Range

Opens Set MIDI Play Range dialog window.

11.9.2 Play/ Pause “Spacebar”

Begins/ pauses/ resumes playback of current MIDI file. In Record Mode will start and pause MIDI recording.

11.9.3 Stop

Stops playback or recording of current MIDI file.

11.9.4 Rewind “,” (comma)

Rewinds to beginning of Set Playback Range.

11.9.5 Record

Check to activate MIDI Record mode

11.9.6 External Timer

Set recording to begin from an external signal.

11.9.7 Synchro Start

Active only in Record Mode, check to synchronize start of MIDI recording with first note played on MIDI keyboard.

11.9.8 Thru

Allows MIDI input to sound without having to be in Record mode.

11.9.9 Metronome

Activates/ deactivates Metronome in recording

11.9.10 Playback Console (Ctrl + 9 / Cmnd+9)

Opens the Playback Console.

11.9.11 MIDI WINDOW Menu

See "ENF EDITOR > WINDOW Menu", Section 11.5.

11.9.12 Image Realtime Menu

Realtime > Thru

Allows MIDI input to sound while recording.

Realtime > MIDI Devices

Opens MIDI Device window.