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11.8.1 Snap to (Quantization)

Quantities selected MIDI “Note On” events to the nearest “tick” specified. Also deter- mines default quantization value for MIDI recording and for horizontal nudging of selected MIDI events by mouse dragging or by use of the arrow keys. Quantization values range from 32nd triplet to whole note.

11.8.2 File Settings

Opens Sequence Settings window. Shows the MIDI header information including: tempo, time base, time signature, key, and MIDI instrument.

11.8.3 Track (not in Overview)

Opens Track Properties dialog box. Select a different track view, delete, duplicate, rename, or transpose the selected track.

11.8.4 MIDI Devices

Opens MIDI device dialog box. Select MIDI input and output sources.

11.8.5 Instrument Settings

Opens Instrument Settings dialog box. Allows for selection of Port, Bank, and MIDI chan- nel assignment for Instrument and Drum sources.

11.8.6 Metronome Settings

Opens Metronome Settings dialog box. Allows for selection of Port, MIDI Channel, num- ber of lead in measures, MIDI sound and volume for Primary and Secondary beats.

11.8.7 Shuttle On

Activate/ deactivate SmartScore’s shuttle tool.