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11.7.1 New

Select between a new ENF or a new MIDI. Choosing New ENF will open the New Smart- Score Document window. Select a Template or use Custom to create a unique score. Choosing New MIDI will open a blank MIDI Overview and Piano Roll for MIDI input.

11.7.2 Open (Ctrl +O / Cmnd+O)

Opens File Selection dialog box and lists saved files. A selected file will be loaded into memory and will display on the screen.

11.7.3 Close - (Cmnd+W Mac)

Closes all MIDI views. If any changes were made to the MIDI file, option to Save MIDI file. Return to main SmartScore window.

11.7.4 Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+S)

Writes currently displayed file to the hard disk.

11.7.5 Save As

Opens Windows File Selection dialog box

Save processed or modified MIDI files to hard disk following MIDI Recording or Editing procedures.

Use to save selected files to directory other than the working directory

11.7.6 Show Task Window (Ctrl + W)

Opens SmartScore Task Window.

11.7.7 CD Writer

Opens CD Writer / Burn window. See "CD Writer (Audio)", Section 11.2.12.

11.7.8 Recent (1,2,3, or 4)

Automatically loads one of the last four files accessed by SmartScore.

11.7.9 Exit/ Quit- (Cmnd+Q)

Exit SmartScore. Save current file. Go to Windows main desktop.

11.7.10 MIDI EDITOR > EDIT Menu

11.7.11 Undo (Ctrl +Z / Cmnd+Z)

Reverses the last action you performed. SmartScore has ninety-nine layers of Undo.

11.7.12 Redo (Ctrl +Y / Cmnd+Y)

Reapplies the last action that has been Undone.

11.7.13 Select

Opens the Select window for defined note selection.

11.7.14 Select All (Ctrl +A / Cmnd+A)

Selects all MIDI events in every track.

11.7.15 Cut (Ctrl +X / Cmnd+X)

Removes the highlighted notes from the score and places them in the clipboard.

11.7.16 Copy (Ctrl +C Win / Cmnd+C Mac)

Places selected notes on the clipboard without removing them from the score.

11.7.17 Paste (Ctrl +V / Cmnd+V)

Insert the contents of the clipboard back into the score without deleting the existing notes.

11.7.18 Paste Special

Opens the Paste Special window. The Paste Special window offers several options for pasting the contents of the clipboard back into the music.

11.7.19 Delete (Del)

Deletes the selected section from the MIDI file.

11.7.20 Delete Track

Deletes the currently displayed MIDI track.

11.7.21 Program Change (Piano Roll only)

Opens the Change Instrument window. Insert a change to a new MIDI patch.

11.7.22 Velocity/ Duration

Opens the Velocity and Duration window. Adjust the Velocity and/ or Duration of the selected MIDI events.

11.7.23 Create Automatic Drum Pattern

If you wish to convert a MIDI drum pattern and add it to the SmartScore drum pattern library, load the MIDI drum pattern file and select this option. For more information, see "Adding custom drum patterns from ENF", Section 9.4.2.

11.7.24 Convert MIDI to ENF

Converts MIDI data in the currently open file to ENF notation.

11.7.25 MIDI EDITION > VIEW Menu

11.7.26 Navigator

Opens and closes the SmartScore Navigator.

11.7.27 Toolbar

Opens and closes Toolbar.

11.7.28 Toolbar

Opens and closes Toolbar.

11.7.29 Image Toolbar

Opens and closes Image Editing Toolbar.

11.7.30 Toolbar

Opens the Toolbar.

11.7.31 Mini Console

Opens Mini Console transport control.

11.7.32 MIDI Toolbar

Opens the MIDI Toolbar.

11.7.33 Synchronize

Synchronizes measure sizes in all MIDI views to that of current MIDI view. All horizontal resizing is synchronized between all MIDI views.

11.7.34 Show Actual Playback

When selected, all MIDI events (including articulations such as trills and tremolos) are visible in the Piano Roll view. When selected, MIDI events cannot be edited (behavior of articulations is controlled with Properties tool in the ENF view. Turn off to edit MIDI events.