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11.6.1 SmartScore Manual (PDF)

In CD versions, this selection will open the file, SSManual.pdf. This file is the full Using SmartScore 5 manual in Adobe Acrobat format. It is located in the SmartScore directory and is opened by Adobe Acrobat.

In download versions, this selection will attempt to open an Internet connection and begin downloading of the file, SSManual.pdf from the Musitek website. If the file is moved to the SmartScore directory, the local file will open when the SmartScore Manual (PDF) is selection is made again.

11.6.2 Online Help

This selection will attempt to launch your Internet browser and connect to a special inter- active help system online at musitek.com. The Online Help system is fully interactive and contains index links, table of contents links and text hyperlinks to related subjects.

11.6.3 Check for Updates

Opens Internet browser and attempts to locate the SmartScore online updates page at: https://www.musitek.com/updates.html

11.6.4 Registration

Opens Internet browser and attempts to locate the Musitek online registration page at: https://www.musitek.com/registration.html

11.6.5 About SmartScore X2

Displays version / update number. Pushing the graphic icon reveals author / programming information.