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11.5.1 Task Window (Ctrl + W)

a. Opens the SmartScore task window:


11.5.2 Scan View

FIGURE 11 - 7: Task Window

Provides options for the floating zoom window including whether to display ENF or TIFF close-ups in the zoom window and selecting additional zoom views. Refer to "Split-screen and scan view reference views", Section 7.11.1 for details on the floating zoom window.

11.5.3 Clone Document

Duplicates and opens currently open ENF file.

11.5.4 View Panes

Choose to the screen view that makes sense to you: ENF/TIFF, ENF only or just the .TIF.

11.5.5 Split Screen

Activates the ENF / Scan view split control tool.

11.5.6 Cascade

Display, overlap and offset all open ENF files.

11.5.7 Tile

Display all open windows of all open ENF files with no overlap.

11.5.8 Split

This option acitvates the “window pane” puller. Use to control the split screen.

11.5.9 Overview / Piano Roll / Event List

Opens MIDI view window and displays the selected MIDI environment, Overview, Piano Roll or Event List. See "MIDI Views", Section 10.1 for more details.

11.5.10 Karaoke

Opens the Karaoke view window. See "Karaoke View", Section 4.10.1 for more details.

11.5.11 Reset Tools and Palettes (F1)

Resets tool palettes and toolbars to their default (program launch) positions and maxi- mizes the ENF display.

11.5.12 New MIDI View (Ctrl +I / Cmnd+I)

Opens New MIDI View dialog box. Select type of MIDI view.

Overview - Displays all staves as MIDI tracks.

Piano Roll - Displays selected stave as MIDI track. Event List - Displays MIDI events of selected staff line.