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11.2.1 New ENF / New MID

Select between a new ENF or a new MIDI. Choosing New ENF will open the New Smart- Score Document window. Select a Template or use Custom to create a unique score. Choosing New MIDI will open a blank MIDI Overview and Piano Roll for MIDI input.

11.2.2 Open (Ctrl +O Win / Cmnd+O)

image Opens File Selection dialog box and lists saved files. A selected file will be loaded into memory and will display on the screen.

11.2.3 Close (Cmnd+W)

Closes active ENF document. If changes have been made, a Save As dialog box will open.


11.2.4 Save (Ctrl +S / Cmnd+S for Mac)

This will save an open SmartScore document to the same drive the file was opened from. The original name remains unchanged. If ENF and Image are dis- played, only the ENF file is saved.

11.2.5 Save As

You can save files in several file formats other than SmartScore’s native ENF format. These include MIDI (.MID), NIFF and MusicXML (.XML) file.

a. Go to Save As.

b. In the File type/Format window, choose a format to save the file.

c. Browse to another directory and change the name if necessary.

d. Press OK. The file will be saved in the last directory used to “save”. NOTE: Use Save (Ctrl +S /Cmnd+S) to update the current ENF file.

NOTE: When saving ENF to MIDI files, a dialog box will open to explain that articula- tions such as slurs, staccatos and tenutos will create MIDI events that are not quantized. You will be given a choice to save the MIDI files with articulations removed or kept. For the purpose of playback only, it is recommended that artic- ulations be kept. If t is recommended that articulations be removed if MIDI files are to be imported into other notation-based programs.

11.2.6 Save & Open XML in Finale (Toolbar button)

Use this function, also found in the lower Toolbar, to launch Finale and import the current ENF file (saved as an XML file).

11.2.7 Save as PDF

This opens file browser and saves current active ENF file as an Adobe® Acrobat® PDF format file. (Windows requires PDF 995 from installer)

11.2.8 Scan Music

• Acquire: Initiates scanning. Same as Scan in Navigator.

image • Select Scanner: Opens list of available TWAIN drivers to select.

• Choose Interface:

> SmartScore’s = selects the SmartScore scanning interface. Refer to "Selecting your scanner driver in SmartScore (Windows only)", Section 3.1.2 for details.

> Your Scanner’s = selects scanning software from your scanner.


11.2.9 Recognize


This initiates the recognition sequence for recognition of pre-scanned images. See "Scanning in Macintosh®", Section 3.3 for details.

11.2.10 Page Setup

This opens the document layout control panel. See "Custom document layouts", Section 6.3.5 for details.

image Print (Ctrl+P / Cmnd+P)


11.2.11 Print Preview

Use to check for proper page layouts. Also seen in Page Setup view.

11.2.12 CD Writer (Audio)

Using the CD Writer feature, you will be able to record one or more ENF (MIDI playback) performances as a audio file or burn to a CD playable in your car, home stereo, etc. In order to burn to CD, it will be necessary to have a CD-R (CD Writable) device installed and connected to your system.

NOTE: Some external CD-R devices may no respond to the CD Writing “burn” com- mand. In this case, you should record to .WAV file and use dedicated CD burning software to record to CD.

NOTE: For best results and sound quality, it is recommended that you use the Aria player for playback whenever saving to an audio file or burning audio to CD.

To record ENF or MIDI files and burn them to audio CD,

a. Push the CD Writer icon at the bottom of the Navigator.

Push “Add Files” and select one or more ENF or MIDI files to be recorded to CD.





FIGURE 11 - 2: Audio CD Writer window

c. Each selected file must undergo a conversion to an audio format. (.WAV is the default). After converting, the selected file(s) will appear in the “Files to Burn” list as an audio.

Files may be reordered using the “Move Up” or “Move Down” buttons. They may be removed from the list separately or all together with “Remove” or “Remove All” buttons.

d. Insert an unused writable CD (CD-R) into your CD tray. Burn Method = Auto.

Change to another method if you have trouble.

e. Push “Burn Last Track and Finalize CD” to record and finalize your ENF files to CD. All selected files will record on a single CD track. To record individual tracks, use “Burn New Track” as described below.

NOTE: “Finalizing” a CD is necessary before a can be played back. Once Finalize is applied, you will not be able to record anything more to the CD.

f. If you wish to continue burning new selections without finalizing the CD, push “Burn new track”. Each set of converted files in the “Files to Burn” list will record to one track. Select “Burn Last Track and Finalize CD” to record last track and finalize the CD.

11.2.13 Most recently opened ENF files

The last four ENF files are listed and may be opened by clicking their names.

11.2.14 Exit

Saves and closes all open ENF files and closes SmartScore.