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10.13 Saving MIDI Files

When saving a MIDI file, remember that you are not saving a music notation file. The more “humanized” the MIDI file sounds, the less likely it will appear correctly when imported into a music notation application, such as SmartScore. Saving SmartScore files derived from scanning will normally give reasonably good results because the music is already “quantized” into discreet start and stop times.

To save a SmartScore MIDI file,

a. Select FILE > Save As, click the “Save as Type” pull down menu and select either MIDI Type 0 (Single Track/Multiple Channels) or MIDI Type 1 (Multiple Tracks / Multiple Channels).

b. Push the Save button. A window appears saying the following:

Articulations such as slurs, staccatos and legatos will result in a MIDI file that will not import properly into a notation program. Choose whether you want your MIDI file for importing into a notation program or for playback only.

c. Choose Remove or Keep Articulations according to your need.