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10.9 Step Time Recording

Recording a “live” MIDI performance to a metronome may be very useful to an accom- plished keyboardist, but many of us do not have the timing skills required to record a per- formance meaningful enough for conversion to notation. Even if using “Snap to” quantization will result in note positions that are offset with a mix of strange note values and, usually, many rests. A logical alternative to live recording is Step Time Recording. Using this method, you will be able to quickly select exact note durations as well as “skips” (rests) from the number pad of your computer keyboard. With your other hand, enter notes and chords from your MIDI keyboard or MIDI instrument.

To activate Step Time Recording,

a. Make sure your MIDI keyboard or MIDI instrument is properly connected to your computer and that it or its interface is selected under Input in the MIDI Devices window (See "MIDI Devices", Section 10.3.3 for more.)

b. From the Realtime menu, select Step Time Record.

c. Select a track. The default is set to “New Track”. If you wish to record onto an existing MIDI track, select that track in the New View window.

d. Press OK.

e. A floating window representing the computer keyboard number pad and associ- ated note durations appears. Record is now staged.


FIGURE 10 - 26: Step Time recording (Number Keypad)

f. Click on a note value or control button in the floating key pad window. Or, you may select the corresponding value / control function using the numerical keypad on your computer keyboard.

g. Press the Play button of the Mini Console. Recording will begin at Measure 1.

h. Press a note or chord on your MIDI instrument. Notes of the selected value will insert. The next note you enter will begin at the same point the last note ended.

e.g. In 4/4 time with quarter note selected, hitting a note four times will fill up one measure.

i. To insert a rest, choose a note value and hit Enter or right arrow.