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10.6 Playback Console


The Playback Console is available in Overview and Piano Roll views and allows for detailed viewing and control of playback and provides real-time editing of the active MIDI file. Push MIDI in the Navigator and select Piano Roll or Overview.

Push the Playback Console button in the Toolbar or choose Real-time > Playback Con- sole (Ctrl +9 Win / Cmnd+9 Mac) to open the Playback Console.

NOTE: The console can act as a “window shade”. To shrink vertically, drag the bottom edge of the console up or down.

10.6.1 Adjusting Playback Console Settings


Adjust global playback volume using the General Volume slider.

Adjust channel volumes using individual Volume sliders.

Use Pan to adjust stereo balance for each channel.

Default resets all MIDI tracks to their original settings.

The Close button will close the Playback Console.

Mute any voice while all others continue to play or Solo a single voice for playback.

Change the MIDI Instrument or Channel of any voice.

To play back at a given point in the file;

Use the Measure / Beat slider and scroll to the desired measure and beat in the score.

To select the MIDI output device;

Use the Port pull-down selector.

To transpose playback globally;

Use the General Transposition pull-down selector.

To transpose an individual track / voice;

Use the Transposition pull-down selector in any track / voice.