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2.4 Extracting parts and voices

2.4.1 Extracting parts using Visibility

Below is an example of a vocal / piano arrangement. Here is how to extract the vocal line and open it in a fresh document.


FIGURE 8 - 1: Three-part score (e.g. Gluck.ENF)

To extract a selected Part from within the System Manager,

a. Reopen the Gluck.enf file you saved earlier.


b. Position your cursor over an ENF system that contains the part you wish to extract. Hit Ctrl+M (CmndM for Mac). The System Manager will open.

FIGURE 2 - 1: System Manager (displaying active system)

c. Check the box “Visibility” in lower left-hand corner of the window. This informs the System Manager of the kind of action we are taking.

d. Now we will choose which parts to extract. To the left of the parts you do not wish to extract, remove the visibility check marks. This leaves only the part(s) you wish to extract with check marks.

e. Press Apply to New to create a new score, leaving the current file unaffected. Or press OK to remove parts from the open document.

This is the result of extracting the part shown in FIGURE 2 - 1:


FIGURE 2 - 2: Extracted vocal Part

2.4.2 Extracting voices using Visibility

Let’s go back to the original ENF document in FIGURE 8 - 1: (Gluck.enf / tif or any three part score). Let’s say we want to extract a contrapuntal voice from the right hand part.

To extract a voice from an existing part,

a. Select Edit > System Manager (Ctrl+M (CmndM Mac)).

b. Remove check marks of all parts and voices except for the part and voice you

wish to target.


FIGURE 2 - 3: Selecting Voices to be extracted

c. Make sure “Visibility” in lower left-hand corner is checked.

d. Press Apply to New to create a new score, leaving the current file unaffected. Or press OK to isolate the part in the open document.

Here is the result of extracting Voice #1 from the right hand piano part:


FIGURE 2 - 4: Extracted Voice

2.4.3 Macintosh / Windows shortcut conventions

Most SmartScore keyboard shortcuts are identical on both Windows and Macintosh com- puters. For Macs with a single mouse button, the right-click function is performed version by holding down the “alt” (Option) key and clicking the mouse.