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10.3 Playback

10.3.1 Spacebar

Press the spacebar to Play. Press again to Pause. Press again to resume Play. Press the comma key (“,”) to Rewind to the start.

10.3.2 Mini-Console

The Mini-Console is a dock-able (tear-off) Toolbar that plays, records, rewinds and stops playback.





FIGURE 10 - 5: Mini-Console Transport

The “spring-loaded” tempo slider will increase or decrease tempo speed depend- ing on the distance it is pulled from the center. Releasing the mouse will return playback tempo to the default speed.

Play button initiates/resumes playback of the active MIDI file. Once playback has begun, the Play button becomes Pause. Use this button to retain MIDI data after returning to ENF display.

image Stop button stops playback/recording of the MIDI. Play/Record is re-initialized at 0 (rewinds to the beginning).

image Rewind button resets playback to the beginning of the range.

The Record button will be active only when a MIDI Out device is selected. Push-

image ing the Record button will create a new MIDI track and will launch a new record- ing session. When Record is lit, press Play button to begin recording a new MIDI

performance to a new track. When recording to a new MIDI track, existing MIDI

data, instruments, channels and transpositions of the original ENF or imported MIDI file will be maintained.

NOTE: All playback functions are also available in the Realtime menu (in MIDI) or

Playback menu (in ENF).


TIP:To select an entire track for cutting and pasting, go to Overview and click (option + click for Mac) in the track’s Name field.

10.3.3 MIDI Devices

To set the MIDI input and output devices,

a. Select MIDI Devices from the Options menu. The MIDI Devices window will open.


FIGURE 10 - 6: Options > MIDI Devices

b. Click on the MIDI Input device / interface you will use for recording new MIDI data.

c. Click on the MIDI Output device you wish to use for MIDI playback. The MIDI device window will display all installed MIDI device drivers. MIDI Mapper is the default in Windows and is most commonly used for sound cards although a specific soundcard driver may be selected from the Output list.

d. Press OK to set the selected MIDI devices as the current SmartScore MIDI sources. The selected device then moves to the top of the list.

NOTE: If the desired device is not listed in the MIDI Devices window make sure the device driver has been properly installed. Check any software that was installed with your MIDI device and/or download MIDI driver from manufacturer’s web- site. When installing a new MIDI driver, reboot to initialize the new driver.

10.3.4 Playback Range

To specify part of the score for playback,

a. Select Set Play Range from the Realtime menu.


FIGURE 10 - 7: Set MIDI Play Range

b. Set the first measure and last measure of the Play Range.

c. Mark Play All to play the entire score.

d. Check Loop to continually repeat the assigned playback range.