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10.2 Track Overview


Overview provides a “bird’s eye view” of all existing MIDI tracks. Some editing image functions are limited

FIGURE 10 - 3: Track Overview window

10.2.1 Selecting tracks and MIDI events

Right-clicking (option + click Mac) into a track’s Name field in Overview will display the track properties. Double-clicking into a track’s Name field will open its Piano Roll view.


FIGURE 10 - 4: MIDI Track Properties

The Track Properties window allows for editing of the Track Name and its Transposition. It is also used to create new MIDI tracks. Push Piano Roll or Event List buttons to view selected track in one of these views.

NOTE: The Transpose selection window will actually move all the note events of the selected track by half steps.

New Track will create an empty new track.

Selecting Duplicate Track will create an exact copy of the active track and insert it at the bottom of the track listing.

Delete Track will erase the highlighted MIDI track completely.