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10.1 MIDI Views

10.1.1 Selecting MIDI views

To open MIDI environment from ENF and select a MIDI view,


a. Press the MIDI button in the Navigator or choose View > New MIDI View

(Ctrl +I / Cmnd+I (Mac)).

The New MIDI View Window will open.


FIGURE 10 - 1: New MIDI View

b. In the Type window, select the type of MIDI view desired, Overview, Piano Roll or Event List).

image • Overview


This view displays all MIDI tracks (parts) found in the open Score-Part.

• Piano Roll

This view displays all MIDI note events found in the selected track.

• Event List

image This view lists all MIDI events and every detail associated with them.

The above MIDI view buttons are accessible from the MIDI Toolbar.

Using to SmartScore X2

10.1.2 MIDI Toolbar

The MIDI Toolbar (View > Toolbars > MIDI Toolbar) includes buttons for opening Overview, Piano Roll, Event List views. Also visible are the Shuttle tool, Record, Record to New Track, Record Virtual Drum, Delete Track and Insert Instrument Change buttons.


FIGURE 10 - 2: MIDI Toolbar

10.1.3 Closing MIDI Views


Each MIDI view (Overview, Piano Roll and Event List) has its own “close” icon in the upper left-hand corner of the window. Click to close an active MIDI view window. Or select File > Close. Closing the last MIDI view will return dis- play to its associated ENF view.