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9.5 Virtual Drum Kit

This option allows you to create a drum track to accompany any ENF playback without requiring a drum machine or any other external MIDI device. It maps selected MIDI drum sounds to the keys of your computer keyboard. MIDI quantization to sixteenth notes is applied by default. For more information about quantization, see "Snap to", Section 10.8.3.

9.5.1 Recording a virtual drum track

To create a virtual MIDI drum track,

a. Open MIDI View.

b. Right click inside any number the Track Number column. Select “New Track”.

c. A MIDI Record view will open. Test drum sounds by hitting the center keys on the two front rows of your computer keyboard.

d. When ready, hit the Record button. You will hear a metronome sound for one measure. Playback and drum recording begins.

e. Hit Stop when finished. Close the MIDI window to return to ENF.

9.5.2 Defining Virtual Drum Kit

To change a MIDI drum and link to your computer keyboard,

a. Select Options > Virtual Drum Kit Definition


FIGURE 9 - 5: Virtual Drum Kit Definition

b. Click on an instrument / key in Instrument list.

c. To reassign a MIDI drum instrument, push Change Instrument and make another MIDI drum selection in the pull-down menu.

d. To reassign a keyboard key for that instrument, push Change Key and press any keyboard key to be linked to that instrument.

e. When finished, press OK.

To add a MIDI drum and link it to your computer keyboard,

a. Push Add.

b. Press a key to become associated with the sound.

c. Select a new drum sound from the pull-down menu.

d. When finished, press OK.