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9.3 Editing and creating percussion parts

9.3.1 Editing a percussion part

SmartScore recognition acquires and reconstructs variable-line staves when “Recognize TAB and percussion staff lines” option is checked in the Begin Recognition window (See Section 3.5.1).

To edit recognized notes on a percussion staff,

a. First, check that the number of lines of the percussion part is correct: If incorrect, you may change the number of lines as described in Section 9.1, "Converting staff line types".

b. Then ensure that the percussion part has correct number of lines in all systems: Select “Staff Spacing” from the FILE menu. Or, select the Properties Tool and right-click into the percussion staff. Choose Line/Staff Spacing. In the “Copy settings to” menu, select “All Systems” and push “Copy”. When done, push “OK”. All percussion staves belonging to that part will become updated.

c. Edit drum notes exactly as any normal “melody” staff including note duration value and pitch. A MIDI drum instrument is associated with every line and space and will sound as you Shift + drag notes up or down. If necessary, you may need to reassign MIDI drum sounds using the

9.3.2 Playback > Drumset

To reassign drum instruments to percussion staff lines...

a. With Property Tool active, click in the yellow arrow associated with any percus- sion staff.

b. Push “Percussion Map” button in the Staff Properties window to access the drum instrument map.


FIGURE 8 - 1: Drum-to-pitch links (Drum Set)

c. Click on a drum instrument name and drag to a new line or space. If another instrument is linked to the line or space, it will unlink.

d. Clicking and dragging a line or space to an instrument name will also create a new link and delete any existing link.

e. Press OK to finalize changes. Press Cancel to undo changes. NOTE: Accidentals are ignored regardless of the key of the score.

9.3.3 Creating a percussion staff from scratch

a. Position your cursor inside the staff line where you wish to insert a new per- cussion line and right-click (Ctrl + click for Mac).


FIGURE 9 - 1: Staff Line Options (Right-click)

b. Select Staff > Insert (above or below).

c. See "To change staff property types)," above to change the part from nota- tion to percussion.

d. Select eighth note from “Notes” palette and using beam direction tools, cre- ate the following pattern. Hit Spacebar to play back.


FIGURE 9 - 2: Creating a drum pattern


NOTE: Simultaneous drum sounds must be contained in the same voice. Therefore, you will need to use the Cluster tool to add additional drum “note heads” to an existing note stem. Holding down Shift and dragging a notehead up or

down will allow you to hear each drum sound associated with each space and line.