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9.1 Converting staff line types

You may convert staff properties simply by choosing an alternative staff type. For exam- ple, you may want to convert a line of standard notation (melody) to guitar TAB (6-string guitar). Or reverse it: change TAB to notation. This is all done in Staff Properties.

To change staff property types),


a. Select the Properties Tool then click on the yellow arrow to the left of the staff you wish to change.



FIGURE 9 - 1: Staff Properties: Changing staff type

b. Check the “Apply staff type” box and choose a new staff line configuration from the list of available staff types in the pull-down menu.

Using to SmartScore X2

c. Select how to apply the change in the “Apply to” pull-down menu: Entire part, Current staffline or system, All parts in all systems, System + (current system for- ward).

d. Push OK to apply the change.

NOTE: It is recommended to correct mis-recognized symbols before changing the staff height since this could cause loss of synchronicity between the TIFF / ENF screens. Once synchronicity is lost, the floating scan window will open so you will still maintain some reference.