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8.4 Non-musical Symbols

8.4.1 Using Text and symbols to mark up scores

Solo guitar, violin and other scores often contain many annotations and fingerings. Most can be entered using score symbols and even rehearsal markings.

To annotate fingerings and string numbers,

Use Text mode to enter fingering numbers. If the default text size is too large, add and use a new text style with a smaller font (see "Adding and changing styles of Text and Lyrics", Section 8.2.2)

Use Rehearsal marks to enter string numbers with in circles.

Use Nudge mode (Shift) to position inserted symbols exactly.

8.4.2 Document Preferences

Non-lyric and non-text symbols (e.g. dynamic and tempo markings) which appear as text are also editable. Default font, size and behavior of symbols can be changed in Document Preferences.

To edit Text Symbols,

Open Edit > Document Preferences. The Text Symbols tab appears as follows:


FIGURE 8 - 7: Document Preferences > Text Symbols tab

To edit Score Symbols font characteristics,

Open Edit > Document Preferences > Score Symbols tab.

8.4.3 Bracketing


Instrument families are grouped with the use of brackets. Grand staff and braces are recognized whenever possible. Use Bracketing to assign braces, grand staff brackets and to join selected parts into barline groups in an ENF document. This feature can be also be used to change the behavior of brackets and barlines. For example, barlines can be separated by stafflines and/or by instrument grouping.

To break barlines between stafflines

a. Select Bracketing from Edit menu (Ctrl + B (Cmnd + B Mac).

b. Select “Break barlines by staff”. Click “OK”.


FIGURE 8 - 8: Bracketing window

To create braces, grand staff brackets and create barline groups,

a. Highlight two or more parts in list to select for grouping.

b. Choose Brace, Grand Staff or Barline Group set and press Set Sel.

c. Continue to select parts for any other type of group. Any selected group can overlap parts of another selected group.

d. Click “Break Barline by Brackets” checkbox to have barlines break according to instrument families which are already designated by braces, groups and grand staffs.

e. Choose Clear Sel or Clear Selected Parts in selected group or Clear All to remove groupings.

8.4.4 Score Header

Score headers are not considered “text”. They are unique tags.

To enter a Score Header at the top of the first page of the ENF file,

a. Select Edit > Score Header.


FIGURE 8 - 1: Score Header

a. Enter a name for the ENF document in the Title field.

b. Enter a Composer name if desired.

c. Type a part name if it is a Score-Part. For definition, see Score-Part on "Score Formats", Section 12.1.

To move a Score Header vertically,

With Selector tool active, drag the positioning tab associated with the score header found in the left-hand ruler up or down.