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8.2 Text mode

8.2.1 Entering and editing text

To enter Text mode for editing or creating “dumb” text,


a. Push the “T” button in the Text and Controller Toolbar.

Text fields are associated with the nearest staffline. To ensure text is associated with a particular staff, move the cursor over the staff first.

b. Click anywhere and begin typing.

NOTE: It will not be possible to do other sorts of editing other than text or lyrics in either of these modes. It will be necessary to push “T” or “L” again to exit the mode first.

To edit a text field,

a. While in Text mode, click anywhere inside a text field.

b. Drag left or right to highlight one or more characters within the field. Typing will replace the characters. Hit the Delete key to remove highlighted characters. Text

can also be cut, copied or pasted elsewhere using standard Ctrl +“X”, “C” and “V” shortcuts (Cmnd + “X”, “C” and “Vfor Mac).

To delete text fields,

a. To delete more than one text field, use the Select tool (“O” key) to select and highlight text in yellow. Hit the Delete (Del) key removes all highlighted text fields.

b. Quick-select (Ctrl+click) any text field, hit the “X” key (cursor goes grey) and click again on any text field to remove it.

8.2.2 Adding and changing styles of Text and Lyrics

Out of recognition, text and lyrics are matched to the closest font type and size available. You can modify the font type, size and color of all text or lyric styles. Changing the style of the lyric block will change ALL lyrics because lyric have only one style and text fields can be assigned many different styles.


FIGURE 8 - 3: Changing Text and Lyric styles

.To modify font styles of text fields and lyric blocks,

a. Push the “T” button to enter Text mode. Click into any text field. While the cur- sor is blinking, right-click (alt/option + click for Mac) to open the Style window.

b. For lyrics, push the “L” button and click on either the associated note or rest or directly into a lyric field. Right-click to open the Style window (alt / option + click for Mac).

The current text style will be highlighted in the Text Style window.

c. Click on the style you wish to change. Select “Modify Style” and enter new font characteristics and push “OK”.

You may also add a new style to the list for continued use later.

To add a new style,

Select “Add style” and enter new font characteristics. Push “OK” and then give it a name (e.g. “Fingering”).

NOTE: The styles window is also accessible by pushing the “Text Styles” button in File

> Document Preferences.

8.2.3 Nudging text

To nudge text,

a. Hold the Shift button down to enter Nudge mode.

b. Each text field has a small yellow box to its left.

c. Click and drag the box to reposition the text field to where you want it.

To move multiple text fields,

a. Use the Select Tool and drag the cursor to highlight a multiple text fields. Release the mouse button. Selected text fields will turn from yellow to green-grey.

b. Hold the Shift button down to activate Nudge mode.

NOTE: Dragging one control box of a highlighted text field will move all selected text fields together