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7.11 More ENF navigating

7.11.1 Split-screen and scan view reference views

Both the ENF view (white) and the image reference view (yellow) appear in “split screen” format immediately following recognition. Alternative reference views include a floating “Scan view window” and “Overlay with fader” feature (Mac only).

NOTE: After reformatting a system, page or score, the floating scan view window will automatically open.



Default Split Screen Floating Scan View window


TIFF / ENF Transparency Overlay (Mac only)

FIGURE 7 - 1: Scan Reference Views

To choose an alternative reference view,

a. Go to View > Split Screen and select an alternative reference view option. Mac Only: Try the TIFF / ENF transparency overlay with fader.

To view a variable ENF transparency over the TIFF pane,

a. Go to View menu and select “Split Screen > Overlay”.

b. Use the variable transparency fader to the right of the Toolbar to adjust the opaqueness of the top ENF pane.

To activate the floating Scan View window,

a. Go to View menu, select “Scan View Window”.

b. To increase or decrease zoom view of the window, choose either Zoom 25% or Zoom 50% from the View > Scan View window.

7.11.2 Scrolling

Use the scroll bar and up/down arrows to the right of the ENF window. You may also use the arrow keys located on your computer keyboard to scroll up, down, left, and right in an ENF document.

7.11.3 Paging

To page forward or backward in an ENF document,


Use the “Next page” / “Previous page” buttons located in the Toolbar or push the double paging arrows at the lower right-hand corner of the SmartScore window.

7.11.4 Go To…(Ctrl +G or Cmnd+G for Mac)

While editing, you can jump to any page or measure in ENF file.

To open the GoTo… window

a. Choose the View menu and select Go To... (Ctrl+G or Cmnd+G for Mac).


FIGURE 7 - 2: Go To window

b. Select whether it is a Part, Page or Measure you wish to jump to.

c. Enter the Part, Page or Measure number.

Checking the Open Target in New View box will open a new ENF at the targeted Part, Page or Measure. Push OK to jump.