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7.10 Hidden Symbols


Hidden symbols displays every possible object in the ENF display. Certain mark- ings such as the range of a 8va, 8vb, ritard, accelerando or descelerando are only visible when Hidden Symbols is active. You may want certain notation objects to be applied to playback, but at the same time, you may not want these symbols to be visible. For example, you may need to insert rests to “fill out” a given voiceline in a measure, but you do not want these “placeholder” rests to be printed.

To insert a hidden notation object,

Push the Hide/Show Symbol button in the Toolbar. Insert any notation object nor- mally. Symbols entered in Hidden Symbols will appear as a lighter color than when entered normally.

In the following example, the measure in question has only 1 beat written into the upper part and 2 beats written in the lower part. Inserting 2 hidden rests in the upper and one hid- den rest in the lower corrects error.


Recognized measure (w/ cross-staff voice)


Corrected measure

(w/ rests placed in Hidden mode)

To view ranges of dynamics and tempos,

a. Push the Hide/Show Symbol button. Dynamics or tempos which were applied to a range of notes will appear as follows:


FIGURE 7 - 10: Hidden range of an accelerando

Push again to exit Hidden Symbols mode. “Hidden” symbols do not appear in normal mode and will not print.