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2.2 Tutorial - Recognition of Sample Files

SmartScore includes several pre-scanned TIFF files. For the purpose of this tutorial. we will start with sample file, Fandango.tif.


a. If the SmartScore Task Window is open (Ctrl + “W” will open it at any time), push the “Recognize Scans” button. The Navigator and the Toolbar also have a Recognition button.

NOTE: The Task Window opens automatically only at program start. It can be launched at any time with Ctrl + “W” or by selecting Recognition from Windows menus (on Windows) or from the File menu (on Macintosh).

The Begin Recognition window opens. This is the window you will use to select previ- ously-scanned music for recognition.


b. Press Add Files to List. In the Open dialog box, double-click on the sample file, Fandango.tif, inside the SmartScore folder. This will add the pre-scanned file to the list.

c. Press Begin Recognition.)

2.2.1 System Report

This window will list the total number of systems found as well as the largest and smallest number of parts found in any given system. Click “Open SmartScore File” to proceed nor- mally.

NOTE: Information displayed in the System Report may reveal problems with broken systems or missing parts due to incorrectly scanned pages.

2.2.2 Unify Key and Time

In the Unify window, click OK to accept the default (Unify key signatures based on the topmost staff line in each system). Accepting the defaults after recognition is usually fine.

The name Fandango.enf will appear in the Save As file name window. SmartScore’s file extension is ENF (Extended Notation Format). The .enf extension will automatically be added to all file names after recognition. Click on Save.