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7.1 Quick Keys

TIP:Refer to the Quick Keys map (FIGURE 7 - 4:) for a graphic depiction of all image SmartScore keyboard shortcut keys.

7.1.1 Quick-select (Ctrl + Click)

The fastest way to choose any object for inserting, deleting or changing is to Quick-select it first. Ctrl + Click on any object inside the active staff and the cursor inherits all of that object’s attributes.The cursor becomes any object that is Quick-Selected.

7.1.2 Inserting and changing symbols (C)

To insert a symbol anywhere in the active staffline,

a. Toggle the “C” key to activate the Insert mode.

b. Quick-select any symbol or select it from a tool palette.

c. Click inside the active staff to insert the object.

To change the rhythmic value of an existing note or rest,

a. Quick-select (Ctrl+click) a nearby note or rest having the desired value. Or select a new value from the “Notes” or “Rests” palette.

b. Position the cursor over the symbol to be changed until it highlights yellow.

Click to change it to the selected value.

NOTE: When you Quick-select on any object inside the active staff, the palette associ- ated with the object will open.

7.1.3 Deleting notes and symbols (X)

To delete an object in the active staff,

a. Quick-select (Ctrl + Click) a note or non-lyric symbol.

b. Press the “X” key and click on any note or non-lyric symbol to delete it.

To delete one or more object using the Select tool,

a. Press the Select tool icon in the Toolbar.

b. Click on an object or drag a region to select one or more objects.

c. Hit the Delete key to delete selected object(s).

Using to SmartScore X2

7.1.4 Select tool (“O”)


Use the Select tool to highlight one or more objects for single or mass editing functions such as copying, deleting, splitting voices, flipping stem directions and joining notes of different voices to a vertical event. The “O” key activates this tool. Its button is found in the Toolbar.

TIP:Use the Select tool + Delete key to remove any object other than lyrics and bar- lines. It is especially useful for removing a large number of spurious or unwanted

image text or multiple objects that do not delete easily with the “X” key.

To delete one or more objects including notes, rests and symbols,

a. Push the Select tool icon in the Toolbar (“O key) and click on an object or drag to select multiple objects to delete.

b. Hit the Delete key.

NOTE: Occasionally, you might find an area full of incorrectly recognized ties and/or slurs or hairpins. Use this tool to “mass-delete” these objects.

7.1.4a Cut, Copy, Paste, Insert and Merge selected symbols

Refer to Section 11.3.3 through Section 11.3.5b for details on how to use the Select Tool to clone measures or entire score segments and place them elsewhere in the music.

7.1.5 Using the Select Tool (O) to edit selected objects

A group of selected notes on the same staff can be transformed into one beamed group if they are flagged or they can be pitch-shifted at once.

To convert a sequence of flagged notes into one beamed group,

a. Use the Select tool (O) to select a group of adjacent flagged notes to be beamed together.

b. Hit the “B” key to form the flagged notes into a beamed group.

To move a selected group of notes upwards or downwards in pitch, To delete spurious articulations on a page,

c. Use the Select tool (O) to select an entire region for cleanup. Edit > Select All

(Ctrl + A) will select everything on the current page.

d. Hit the “G” key. Only articulations will be deleted. All other notation objects remain unaffected.