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2.1 SmartScore X2 Installation procedures

SmartScore requires personalization and verification of ownership the first time it is opened. You will be able to install SmartScore 5 times on up to 5 computers you own and use exclusively. Contact Musitek Technical Support if additional installs are necessary. For details, please read the SmartScore licensing agreement.

a. You will need to be connected to the Internet during the installation. If you do not have Internet access you will be given a confirmation number which will require entering a response from Musitek (Verification ID). To complete manual verifi- cation, contact technical support at

tech@musitek.com (805-646-5841).

NOTE: Turn firewall & virus protection OFF during installation. Copying the installed program to other media will to cripple the program.

Download Installations

a. After purchasing SmartScore for downloading, you will be taken to a “Thank you” page which will give you your new ID and serial number. Be sure to print this page out and store it for future reference. You will then be directed to a link for downloading. (If you are upgrading from a previous Musitek product, you will first be required to enter your previous ID and serial number).

b. In the “Download Product” page, you will be able to choose to download the complete installer (SmartScore X2, Aria Player and Garritan sounds) or just the SmartScore X2 product you purchased. The full download installer is over 600MB and may be slow or possibly even time out if you have a slow Internet connection.

c. If you choose to download only the SmartScore X2 installer, you will be given a link where you can purchase the full DVD for $5 plus shipping.

CD Installation

d. Insert the SmartScore X2 DVD into your computer’s CD/DVD drive.

e. (Windows) Inserting DVD should launch Auto-run. If not, Push Start > Run and Browse to find your CD/DVD drive. Double-click Install_SmartScoreX2.msi.

f. (Macintosh) Insert the DVD and open the Macintosh folder. Double-click on the file Install_SmartScoreX2.

Using to SmartScore X2

All Installations

g. After successful installation, launch your copy of SmartScore X. Follow person- alization and verification steps. You will need to enter your unique Customer ID and Serial Number which is printed on the DVD box or was given to you when you downloaded the software.

h. Installation requires online registration and verification. File saving and printing will be disabled after 30 days if registration is not completed. If you are unable to register online, please contact technical support at 805-646-5841 or by e-mail at tech@musitek.com.