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6.4 Edit > Format Score

This window provides tools that can reformat the ENF score including line and staff spac- ing, measures per system and even a tool that re-scales (optimizes) the ENF frame should your scanner force re-scaling the image instead of resetting dpi.


Measures per system

FIGURE 6 - 1: Format Score window

Select a fixed number of measures for every system in the score.

Apply punctuation

Apply auto-spacing to reformatted measures.

Setup indents

Set indent for 1st system.

Setup spacing.

Set staff and system spacing.

Scale entire score (optimize score size)

Following recognition and before printing, scores can be resized up or down to fit the default page size. This is particularly useful when scores were incorrectly scaled by some scanners (e.g. all-in-one scanners); correcting overly large-scale or small-scale ENF files.

To rescale the ENF score (optimize page size for printing)

a. Push Find Optimal button in Format Score window. The optimal ENF page resize amount is calculated and will appear in percentage window.

b. Push OK to apply change in page size.

c. Open Page Setup (File > Page Setup) and change Document Layout to “Center on Page”. Push Apply to view changes in Preview mode. Push OK to close Page Setup.