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6.2 Vertical Reformatting (Line, staff and system spacing using tabs)

Changes to staff line spacing and system distances can be made on a system-by-system basis by moving the red and blue tabs along the left ruler margin of any active system. Changes made to a staff line and system spacings can then be applied globally to all other staff lines and systems from the Staff/Line spacing option inside the Staff Properties win- dow (See "Line/staff spacing", Section 7.3.1).

6.2.1 Changing line spacing and distances in the active system (Red tabs)

To visually increase/decrease staff and system distances...

Position the cursor over a staff to make it active. The bottom-most red tab controls the distance between the active system and the system below it. Each staff will have a red



tab aligned with its topmost line. These tabs change distances between staff lines. The “T” tab on top changes the margin between the active staff and the staff above it.

Active Staff

Changing staff distances (Red tab)

Changing system distances (“T” tab)

FIGURE 6 - 17: Using tabs to change staff distances and system widths

6.2.2 Changing staff line spacing in the active (Blue tabs)

Moving the blue (staff height) tabs not only increases the height of a single staffline, it also increases the size of all musical symbols inside that staff. To apply a staff height change to all remaining staves, use the “Copy to” command. See "Line/staff spacing", Section 7.3.1

To increase/decrease the height of individual staves...


Drag the blue tab aligned with the bottom line of any staff up or down. The staff will resize vertically.


Resizing staff height (Before dragging blue tab)

Resizing staff height (After dragging blue tab)

FIGURE 6 - 18: Using tabs to change staff distances and system widths