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6.1 Reformatting scores in ENF view

Measures, staff lines, systems and even pages can be resized, compressed or expanded while maintaining proper note spacing. Parts can be extracted from the score and/or recombined to form conductor’s scores. Page layout and margins can then be selected, modified and previewed prior to printing.

NOTE: It’s best to correct mistakes before reformatting the score because ENF synchro- nization with the original scanned pages may be lost. Even if synchronization is lost, a floating Scan View reference window will be available. For more details, see "Split-screen and scan view reference views", Section 7.11.1.

6.1.1 Nudge Mode (Barlines)

Several interesting and useful reformatting possibilities can be applied when barlines are repositioned in Nudge mode:

Resizing adjacent measures by dragging barline horizontally. See "Nudge mode (Shift button)", Section 7.5.

Shuttling measures in/out of systems by dragging last barline. See "Repositioning measures using barlines", Section 7.5.6.

6.1.2 Adjusting measures

Measures can be compressed or expanded in Nudge mode. This may cause measures to scroll from system to system. Also, the number of measures per line may be set to a fixed number. These actions will cause the score to reformat.

For more details, see "Repositioning measures using barlines", Section 7.5.6. For setting fixed number of measures per system, see “Set Number of Measures” in Section 7.3.2, "Staff Properties".

6.1.3 Horizontal Reformatting

System widths can be changed one-by-one or globally.

Using to SmartScore X2

To globally change system widths,

See "Changing default margins", Section 6.3.2.

Single system widths can be changed in the ENF main view by dragging either end point tab in the upper ruler margin.


FIGURE 6 - 16: Using tabs to change staff distances and system widths

The lower tab towards the left margin adjusts the position of instrument Part Names.