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5.8 Creating a New ENF Score from Scratch

SmartScore isn’t only about scanning. It is also a full-featured scorewriter as well. When creating a new score from scratch, certain defaults will turn on such as auto-beaming and auto-spacing.

5.8.1 New score

To create an empty ENF score using one of several basic templates,


a. Push the Score button on the Navigator or select New > New ENF under the File

menu (Ctrl + N (Win) / Cmnd + N (Mac)).


FIGURE 5 - 15: New score window

b. Type in a Title for the new score.

c. Add the Composer’s name for the first page score header.

d. Press the Page Setup button to change the basic page layout of your score. See "Custom document layouts", Section 6.3.5 for details.

Page Setup opens document size and layout window.

Tempo will insert a metronome mark for playback.

Uncheck Insert Clef Signs automatically to create an ENF document without clefs.

5.8.2 Using Built-in Templates

SmartScore has 15 preset 2-page templates including solo instrument, piano, duet, com- mon vocal and orchestral scores and a custom setup.

a. Select a desired template from System Type in Score window.

b. Once the score is open, you can edit normally.

To add a new page,

a. Push the “Add New Page” button on the right of the status bar.

image b. Or, push the Properties Tool, right-click into any staff line and select “Add






Empty Page” from the Score Properties window.

To delete an empty page,

To delete a page, all systems on the page must first be removed. Right-click (alt for Mac) into each system of the page you wish to delete. Select “System > Remove” in the Score Properties window. Repeat as necessary.

5.8.3 Real Time Recording


An alternative to entering notes in by hand is to record MIDI-based performances using a MIDI keyboard or some other MIDI instrument. For more about this, see "MIDI Recording", Section 10.8.

5.8.4 Step Time Recording


An alternative to Real Time Recording is Step Time Recording. Step Time Recording is done in MIDI and can be a very fast method of entering in notes (when you can’t scan it in of course!). For more, turn to "Step Time Recording", Section 10.9.