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5.7 Working with Finale®


SmartScore full version works seamlessly with MakeMusic’s® Finale® program. If you already own a version of Finale or Print Music with SmartScore Lite, SmartScore can be made to launch automatically when “Music Scanning” is launched in Finale...

To replace SmartScore Lite with SmartScore full in Finale:

• In SmartScore, open Edit > Program Preferences. In the User Interface tab, place a check in the “Integrate with Finale” option. Push OK to apply.


FIGURE 5 - 14: Program Preferences > User Interface

Always edit your music in SmartScore before bringing it into Finale. You will loose a lot less in the translation. You may find it more convenient to work entirely in SmartScore

(e.g. transposition, playback and printing) or you may decide at some point to bring the SmartScore file into Finale.

To launch Finale and import the current SmartScore file,


Push the “Save as XML and open in Finale” button in the lower Toolbar. The cur- rent ENF file will be saved as an XML file. Finale is then launched (provided it is installed) and the SmartScore file will import as a MusicXML file.

TIP:Before exporting any SmartScore file to another program, make sure it is edited first. Small mistakes become compounded if the file is not cleaned up. This is especially true for key and time signatures and measures with rhythmic prob- lems.