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5.5 Printing and exporting your final score


If your score was scanned, ENF pages will probably not be centered. Page Setup provides various tools for controlling print layout. The simplest way to center music on each page is to select the Fit to Page layout option.

To center ENF frames prior to printing...

Open Page Setup. In the Document Page Setup pull-down menu, choose Center on Page. Click Apply.


NOTE: Various document layouts can be applied in Page Setup. For exam- ple, you may want to have alternating left/right margins for bound scores.

To explore other printing layout options, see "Changing default margins", Section 6.3.2.

To print your score,

Select File > Print or push the Print button in the Toolbar.

To save your ENF score as a PDF file,

Select File > Save As PDF.

Windows Users: CutePDF is the default PDF creator application, but several other alter- natives may be installed and used.

To select an alternative PDF creator application for Windows,

a. Open Edit > Program Preferences and click on ENF-PDF.

b. Install an alternative PDF creation program and select it in the pull-down menu in the upper part of the window.

5.5.1 Optimizing oversized and undersized scanned scores

Modern “intelligent” scanners can (and will) do some unexpected things... in order to attain required resolutions (dpi), some scanners will actually re-scale the size of the image. An 8.5” x 11” page may end up becoming 9” x 13”. Since SmartScore matches the size of music scanned exactly, the resulting ENF file may print off the page. If this is the case, you can “optimize” the size of the SmartScore frame to fit precisely inside the margins of your default page size and orientation.

To re-scale (optimize) your ENF pages,

a. Center the score on the page. (See Section 6.3.1, "Page Centering")

b. Go to File>Format Score. Check Scale score. Push Find Optimal. OK.


FIGURE 5 - 13: Format Score window


TIP:The Reset Workspace button (or F1 key) will reset all windows and palettes to their default “startup” positions. It’s useful if your workspace gets messy.