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5.1 Navigating Inside an ENF Document

5.1.1 Active staffline

Only one staff can be edited at a time. Positioning your mouse over a staff will cause it to highlight black. Objects associated with the highlighted staff (including text and lyrics) can then be edited. You can choose to display just the active staff or to all staves in black.

To display all staff lines in solid black,

Go to the View menu and uncheck Show Active Staff.

To lock the active staff and allow the mouse to move anywhere,

Hit the Caps Lock key. To unlock the active staff, press again.

5.1.2 Page View Display

Several ENF page view layouts are available after scanning.

To select a different page view layout,

Click on any one of four page view buttons in lower Status Bar.


FIGURE 5 - 1: Page View Buttons

View ENF pages horizontally

View pages vertically

View pages in book format (facing pages)

View score in horizontal scroll format (long view)

NOTE: Whenever the ENF and TIFF view panes loose synchronization, e.g. in Long View mode or after score reformatting, the Image display pane will close and the

Using to SmartScore X2

“Scan View” window will appear instead. Closing the Scan View window will re-initialize normal Image / ENF view panes.

5.1.3 Scan View Window

The TIF/ENF split screen format can be changed to display only the ENF view with a floating “scan view window” corresponding to the same region in the scanned image where your cursor is placed.

To view full-screen ENF pane with a floating scan window:

Go to the Window menu and select Scan View window.

By dragging the Split Pane control up or down, you can quickly view more of the TIF pane or more of the ENF pane.


FIGURE 5 - 2: Window pane shade control bar (View > Split Screen > Vertical)

The slider to the right of the Toolbar controls both the TIFF / ENF window shade bar.

5.1.3a TIFF / ENF Overlay view (Mac Only)

An opaque ENF-over-TIFF view is available on Macs. The ENF-TIF slider adjusts the opacity of the ENF overlay from 0 to 100%.

To edit using ENF variable-opacity overlay,

Go to View > Split Screen > Overlay.


FIGURE 5 - 3: ENF / TIFF overlay view (Mac only)

To change zoom level in any view window,

Select one of 3 zoom levels in View > Scan View window.

5.1.4 Zoom

To Zoom in and out,


Click the Zoom icon in the Toolbar or press Ctrl + Q.

Left click will increase the scale of your view (Zoom In), while right-click (Option + click for Mac) will decrease the scale of your view (Zoom Out). Ctrl

+ scroll wheel works for zooming in and out as well.

For additional information on navigating inside an ENF document, see "Split-screen and scan view reference views", Section 7.11.1.

5.1.5 Paging

To page forward or backward in an ENF document,

The Next / Previous page control buttons are located to the far right of the ENF image Toolbar.

To add a new page with empty systems,

image Push the Add New Page button in the Status Bar.

5.1.6 Status Bar options

The status bar at the bottom of the SmartScore window contains information about the current page being viewed. Clicking inside any of these fields will open a control window: Page Number (Go To), Page Size (Page Setup) or Zoom Level (Zoom).