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5) Basic Score Editing


This section describes basic SmartScore editing features. For information on advanced editing techniques such as part extraction, optimizing scores, managing systems, applying or changing instrument templates, reformatting, respacing, page reformatting, print setup and part linking, turn to 7), "Detailed ENF Editing". Many editing and playback default settings are accessible in either Document Preferences or Program Preferences under the Edit menu. See "Preferences", Section 11.1 for details.


5.1 Navigating Inside an ENF Document5.2 Editing the Music5.3 ENF Symbol Properties5.4 Transposition by Key and Clef5.5 Printing and exporting your final score5.6 Saving and Exporting ENF Files5.7 Working with FinaleĀ®5.8 Creating a New ENF Score from Scratch